10 Days in Italy: The Ultimate Itinerary for Experienced Travellers

If you’re an experienced traveller of Italy looking to take things up a notch and explore parts of this spectacular country that you’ve never seen before, we’ve got some tips for you. We’ve highlighted four unique packages that’ll guarantee you’ll find an Italy itinerary for 10 days of epic travel. From yoga retreats to 4×4 tours, we’re sure you’ll find something new to try on your next epic escape.


Itinerary for 10 days in Italy


Umbria Yoga Retreat


Travel in Italy is often synonymous with indulgence and decadence, but our Umbria Yoga Retreat package offers a different take on your next trip to the culinary capital of the world. If health and wellness is your top priority, this is the best way to spend 10 days in Italy. This unique package offers a flexible schedule that combines quint-essential experiences without having to compromise on your daily routine.

This exquisite retreat offers daily guided practices, five star cuisine, as well as an incredible location for the days you’d like to venture out and explore. For an experienced traveller of Italy looking for something a little different, this is best way to see Italy in 10 days.


yoga retreat italy


Como to Portofino


There’s nothing like a new perspective on a much-loved location. It can make you feel like a first-time traveller all over again. We’ve constructed an itinerary centred around two iconic destinations, Lake Como and the Italian Riviera, where you’ll explore off-the-beaten track restaurants, beat the crowds to enjoy hidden beaches and experience these famous destinations the way real Italians do.

There’s a reason people flock to certain areas like Cinque Terre — the beauty is unimaginable. That being said, there are ways to experience the magic without having to share it. The Como to Portofino itinerary pulls together authentic experiences and hidden gems that’ll wow even the most seasoned traveller. 


10 Days in Italy


Sicily in Style


When you think of a trip to Sicily, the first thing that comes to mind is sumptuous style and world-class luxury, but there is more to this superb part of Italy than meets the eye. Sicily is a cultural hotspot and boasts a wide range of adventure activities too. Explore the Valley of Temples by night, discover the untouched beauty of Salina Island and take a 4×4 tour of Mount Etna in this one-of-a-kind itinerary.

The Sicily in Style package offers the perfect mix of leisure and cultural activities to show a side of Sicily that not many people know to look for. This package is focused on combining luxurious comforts with the spirit of adventure. What’s more, you’ll get the chance to learn some of the secrets of Italian cuisine in Ragusa Ibla. Until you’ve cooked from scratch in a Sicilian kitchen, only then can you really say you’ve experienced the true taste of Italy. 


luxury itinerary italy 10 days


Green Experience


Green travel is rising in popularity, and rightly so. The Green Experience allows you to visit some of your favourite Italian cities in a conscious and sustainable way. Green travel does not have to mean a compromise on luxury or comfort. Stay in top eco-resorts, take time to focus on the pristine natural beauty and enjoy guilt-free transfers.

A highlight of this particular itinerary is the way it allows you to enjoy the breathtaking natural environment and the feats of modern technology and comfort simultaneously. Is there anything more appealing than a spa day at the foot of the Dolomites? We think not. If you’ve never experienced this side of Italian travel before, perhaps it’s time you started planning your first green escape. 


luxury 10 day itinerary


Whether you’re looking to see a new perspective on your favourite Italian city or to explore a new region entirely, each itinerary can be specially crafted to suit your travel needs. Get in touch with us today to start planning your next Italy itinerary for 10 days of luxury travel and experience another side of this dynamic country. 

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