7 Best Luxury Travel Influencers to Follow

In the past year we’ve spent a lot of time dreaming and planning, and if we’ve learnt anything it’s that you’ve always got to have a source of inspiration to keep you going. We’ve tracked down the top luxury travel influencers to follow for keeping up-to-date with what’s new in luxury travel. 


Claudia Padgett 

From the beach to the bush and everything in between, Claudia Padgett has seen it all. This wealth of experience means that Claudia has a real knack for prioritizing the good things in life. Whether it be food, accommodation or activities unique to a specific setting, she seeks out only the best that each destination has to offer. While her tone may be casual and accessible, her eye for detail is exceptional. What’s more, she has a talent for finding hidden treasure that’ll instantly make it onto your bucket list.

Luxury Travel Influencers


Luxe Travel Family 

Nancy Besharah breaks the stereotype that luxury travel is reserved for singletons. Luxe Travel Family is a great source of inspiration for families looking for a travel experience to suit their needs without having to compromise on comfort. Nancy is a fantastic writer and her advice is woven into personal anecdotes which invite you along with her. She’s a seasoned traveller and has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travelling in style.



The Planet D

The way Dave and Deb document their travels feels like a work of art in itself! With a collection of photography that transports you right into the moment with them, we love Planet D for the atmospheric way they share their experiences. They lean towards chasing the natural beauty of their surroundings, so if you have a travel preference for the great outdoors, this is the one for you.


Barkin Ozdemir 

If you’re looking to inject a bit of fun into your feed, Barkin Ozdemir is someone to watch and definitely on the list of luxury travel influencers to follow. With a sense of adventure that’s nothing short of contagious, and a heart big enough to match, this seasoned traveller is excellent for seeking out hidden gems in places you never would have thought to look. He’s an advocate for authentic travel and great inspiration for planning trips you didn’t even think were possible. 


Luxe Tiffany

Luxe Tiffany is a global luxury travel expert and with her extensive knowledge on cuisine, five star accommodation and culture, her opinion is one we trust. Tiffany has just posted a video where she talks about how much she’s missing travel in Italy. The video is complete with a Italian sunset so if you’re feeling the same way, we recommend you take a look. 


Murad Osmann

When considering the leaders in luxury travel, Murad Osmann immediately comes to mind. More commonly known by his #FollowMeTo project, Osmann is a master at documenting the best of luxury travel. If you’re looking for new spots to try from a seasoned expert, give him a follow. 


Luxo Italia

Since we’re always on the lookout for the next best thing in Italian luxury travel, the Luxo Italia Instagram is a failsafe source of inspiration when planning your next trip to Italy. If you aren’t already following us, we recommend taking a look!


We’ve got some exciting new packages on the horizon which will be the perfect addition to any summer vacation in Italy. Keep an eye on our blog for more Italy travel inspiration or get in touch today to start planning.


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