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É Magia! 4 Almost-Magic Tricks from Your Italian Travel Agent

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March 28, 2016

Thanks to guidebooks, online search engines, and community forums, DIY (Do It Yourself) travel bookings are easier than they've ever been. With just an Internet connection and a bit of know-how, you can book a trip to anywhere, anytime.

The question is, should you? Should you entrust your travels to armchair experts and two-years-out-of-date information? Should you splash out on accommodations that may have paid for good reviews? Should you follow the crowds to all those must-visit tourist traps that populate guidebooks and online recommendations?

We say, no. Instead, entrust your travels to us. At Luxo Italia, we're locals. We're experienced. We're insiders. And what's more, we can save you money. Sound too good to be true? It's not, and that's why we call it "almost-magic:"

Trick #1: We're Your "In" to Italian Secrets

In Italy, connections are everything. It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. And we know [almost] everyone.

Being in-the-know isn't something you can fake in Italy. It's something that unfolds naturally over a lifetime. And at Luxo Italy, we've been cultivating these connections since birth. Our childhood besties today own artisan vineyards in Tuscany and make the best pesto in the Cinque Terre. Our family friends know the best spots to forage for truffles – and where to find them in tiny family-owned restaurants good enough to rival Michelin stars. And our families? They know where to find homemade gourmet cheeses, hand-pressed olive oil and the perfect limoncello.

Your guidebook doesn't know our secrets.

Trick #2: We're Also Your "In" to VIP Tours & After-Hours Exclusives

Do you loathe long lines? (Who doesn't?) Would you love to cruise in luxury? (Who wouldn't?) Do you prefer exclusive service? (We do, too.)

Luxo Italia will put you on the VIP list. We'll get you into the Uffizi Gallery before it opens, and the Vatican after it closes. We'll book you a Lamborghini or a Ferrari – or a private yacht, private jet or private helicopter, for that matter. We'll locate an experienced personal shopper who understands your taste and requirements. We'll secure you VIP service at all Italian airports. If it's luxury or exclusive, we'll find it, book it, secure it on your behalf.

Trick #3: We Can Make Last-Minute Changes

You're probably oh-too-familiar with the fine print of tourism: no last-minute cancellations or changes. In fact, many hotels and tours and car rental agencies have cutoffs weeks or even months in advance of your arrival.

We don't. Luxo Italia's concierge service – complementary for all our guests – is with you every minute leading up to, and throughout your visit. Missed your flight? We'll call the hotel. Lingering over a long lunch? We'll tell the winery you'll be late. Last-minute changes to absolutely anything? We'll make them. No stress, no worries.

Trick #4: We Save You Money

Twenty+ years ago, travel agencies marked up their services and padded their bottom lines. You were paying for convenience and big databases in a pre-Internet world.

Fast-forward to today, and a good travel agent saves you money. You read that right: we save you money

How does that work? Well, first of all we have connections (see Trick #1): Over the years, we've developed close relationships with Italy's most exclusive villas and hotels, as well as premium tours, private workshops (one-on-one cooking class, anyone?), exclusive golf courses, and more. The bottom line: our connections translate to better offerings, better services and, yes, better prices.

What's more, we'll help you avoid tourist traps. Forget that so-called must-visit restaurant with the two-hour wait and 100% foreign clientele; we'll tell you where to find the best food in the tiniest village with 100% Italian clientele – and at half the price. Our motto: for every wallet-wringing tourist trap, we'll invite you to a less expensive, more authentic and unforgettable alternative.

[CTA] Italy is a magical place. Let us help you experience it the insider way – the way only locals know. Start by designing your trip, and we'll take it from there.


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