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5 Amazing stores in Milan that shoppers won't tell you about

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April 25, 2017

Milan Design Week (Salone del Mobile) 2017 has just passed. For the past weeks, we’ve witnessed global creative and fashionistas on the street. They have come to the right spot  - Milan is a wonderful place to shop! Hunting for unique, inspiring design that you can only get in Milan? Here is my private list of best shopping secrets.

1. Jewelry/watches: Orologeria Pisa

Today’s Pisa Orologeria is an upscale watch heaven. You’ll find big names like Piaget, Hublot, as well as individual artisan watchmakers such as Gruebel Forsey and Parmigiani Fleurier.  

I love this watch shop because it has classic-looking watches that are also precious pieces of jewelry. Often times, it is hard to find the combination of watch craftsmanship with jewelry-like beauty. I have never had problem finding unique pieces of jewelry-watch in Pisa Orologeria. The brand’s iconic line features the sinuous curve, called “the Line of Grace”, and gives a timeless, feminine look. Fun fact: the Pisa family founded the first Italian watchmaking school!

2. Contemporary Italian furniture: Baxter

Baxter is world-famous for its otherworldly beautiful leather furniture. What I love the most is that Baxter’s leather furniture doesn't look like anything ancient or old-school, which is usually associated with the use of leather.

The brand succeeds in transforming the visual heaviness of leather into a light, contemporary, modern looking piece. Most of the Baxter furniture has a minimalist aesthetic, which matches well in every kind of modern home settings. Baxter’s design is ultra modern, low-key elegant, but the fine leather texture gives every piece the “extra” element to be surprised about.

shopping tours milan

3. Niche shopping and more: 10 Corso Como

Part a fashion buyer shop, part a café, part an art bookstore, and part a photography gallery, 10 Corso Como is a magical space. Walking into 10 Corso Como’s fashion world feels refreshing at the start: you’ll find clothes with a great sense of humor and bold design, especially with popping colors. It is the perfect reservoir for the creative minds, so no boringness allowed.

What I recommend is to come in a leisure afternoon for a treasure hunt in their buyer store, go up to the rooftop for one of the best panoramic view in the city, and have a drink in the gorgeous central courtyard. That's exactly how I fell in love with Milan myself.

shopping tours milan

4. Women’s shoe pilgrimage: La Vetrina di Beryl

There isn’t any other place like Beryl – it is designed for shoe pilgrims. One friend of mine who works in fashion once told me this is the place where Vogue Italia editors go for their creative hunt.  Beryl has an artfully curated collection of beautiful shoes that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Expect to see some of the world’s most daring shoe designs:  from fantasy stilettos, slim-fit leather boots, to elegant flats, each pair has its own particularity and attitude. I also very much enjoy the people watching every time I come to Beryl: you are almost guaranteed to run into someone important in the fashion capital’s core circle.

shopping tours milan

5. Alternative concept store: Serendeepity

Located in the heart of Milan’s youngster area, Serendeepity is a refreshing space for discovering vinyl records and vintage fashion. It is also a meeting place for Milan’s hip, young crowd: music records, design novelty gadgets, and interesting T-shirts can all be found here. Believe it or not, Serendeepity has just been ranked as one of the world’s best record shops.

The music taste is eclectic: punk, hip-pop, electro fans will equally find their peace. I love the in-store turntables inside the store - where I can simply grab a vinyl record, put in the turntable, immerse myself in the rhythm. Everything is just like the good old days. 

shopping tours milan


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