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January 29, 2016

Alba di Cuneo is right in the heart of the Langhe region and an hour by car from Turin. The Langhe is Italy's premier wine region. Alba is not only a beautiful destination, but also a superb place to eat as it is the gourmet capital of Piedmont. Famous for its white truffles, this is the city of a hundred medieval towers, many of which no longer exist, but the old town centre is still beautifully preserved with a great atmosphere. Strolling the streets and Piazze of Alba on a Sunday afternoon, with the family in town and a gelato in hand, is one of life's great pleasures. Particularly when it follows on from a hearty lunch of rabbit, polenta, agnolotti and a robust bottle of Barbera wine. When to Visit Alba September and October are two of the best months to visit. The vineyards around town are at their most beautiful, all russets and gold and the truffle festival is in full swing.The truffle festival goes on every weekend for about a month. It starts off with the White Night which is a night long celebration of music, dancing and of course, this being Italy, plenty of eating. The markets and shops are overflowing with a vast array of great traditional Piedmont foods and a great atmosphere pervades. Around Alba There is so much to see around Alba, lovely little towns, beautiful scenery and of course the vineyards, up and down the hills and valleys they flow in gorgeous colour.


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