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Make Your Journey Around Italy Something to Remember

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January 29, 2016

Tuscany’s winding roads. The legendary Mille Miglia. The Amalfi Coast. Sicily... You can see them all through the low-slung front window of some of the very best sports cars in the world – this is true Italian luxury travel.

Pick Italia in Ferrari

Experience Italy as it should be experienced! Drive a beautiful Ferrari while accompanied by your very own personal tour director. During your adventure you’ll stay at the best hotels, eat wonderful food, and absorb in the breathtaking scenery. These are the types of Italy luxury journeys that dreams are made of.

Choose Italia in Maserati

This is your downtime. It’s time to indulge yourself. Why not sit back and relax while you’re chauffeur-driven around the Italian countryside in one of the finest cars on the market? Each day you’ll see beautiful new and historic landmarks. Each night you’ll stay at magnificent hotels.

Get in touch with the luxury travel agency Luxo Italia for instant arrangements customised to meet your needs. We’re specialists in setting up tailor made luxury vacations in Italy. 


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