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See the Sights and Take in the Culture of Padova

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January 29, 2016

Make Your Trip to Italy Special With a Visit to Padova

Have you ever wanted to see the Scrovgeni Chapel, the statue of Donatello, the Abbey of Santa Guistina, or some of the most incredible botanical gardens in the world? All of these and more can be found in the city of Padova – a key location in any Italian luxury travel experience.

As you walk around this gorgeous destination you’ll not only be able to take in the incredible sights, but soak in the local culture too. The area is well known for being the origin of many famous architects and artists, including Andrea Palladio. You’ll see evidence of the town's long association with expert craftsmanship in the wonderfully sculpted buildings on every street.

As a luxury travel agency with experience catering to customers who desire tailor made luxury vacations in Italy, Luxo Italia is ideally suited to guide you around the city of Padova – contact us now for more information. 


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