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The Real Secret of A Perfect Trip to Italy

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February 28, 2017

What makes a trip to Italy not only good enough, but also unbelievably great? The answer is simple: Tailor it.  

Just like the real secret to be well-dressed is to tailor the dress, a trip is only perfect for you when it is made of everything that matters to YOU.

After giving advices on planning private trips to Italy for more than 10 years, I often get the question “why couldn't we do it ourselves?”  Yes, the temptation to look up destinations online and book everything online is very strong. Another temptation is to simply buy a packaged tour, which many people regret after. But if you really want to see something special about Italy and be able to share meaningful stories upon your return, keep reading. Here are the secrets of a tailored Italy trip:

1.    It is about what you care.

People love Italy for drastically different reasons: rich art heritage, antique history, food, wine, and of course football. Art lovers and bookworms would love a private tour led by an art historian to the Uffizi Gallery, and examine Botticelli’s Venus in great details. Food lovers will probably find a market tour and a cooking class in a typical Roman house more interesting. You can combine things you love about Italy and explore them in depth with field experts.

A packaged tour can never package your interests and aspirations. What you need is an itinerary 100% about you, not what the masses think you are supposed to do.

italy private tours

* a bottle of "gold label" a luxury Tuscan wine


2.    It is dolce vita, by your definition.

What do you prefer, pizza or pasta? What makes you “wow”, a deluxe, modern property overlooking the Amalfi coast or an antic-feeling, cozy family palace in the middle of Tuscany? Do you like skiing in the Dolomites mountain range or sun tanning in the private island of Sicily?

A packaged tour can never predict your taste buds and preferences. By letting you co-create the experience, a tailored trip makes Italy personal to you. Families with kids love the privately owned, historic properties where they can do garden barbecues with the owner and have conversations over wine. Young couples can plan a surprise dinner on a terrace overlooking the Amalfi coastal sunset (a great way to celebrate anniversary!).

italy private tours

* the view at Relais Blu


3.    It is your storyboard.

Italians love saying, “Solo dove arrivi a piedi sei arrivato veramente.” You’ve been to somewhere only when you step your feet on that place.  There are no images or films that can take away that sensory experience from you. 

You’ll listen to the sound of brewing espresso coffee in a typical bar in Rome, smell the olive oil’s pungent aroma in the countryside Tuscany, and feel the water wave from a boat ride in Venice. You’ll make friends with the chefs along the journey and let them tell you their recipes of your favorite Italian dish. You’ll learn how to make egg noodles from scratch in a farmhouse, and shape them into the way you want. You are the sole writer of your Italy chapter, why trade it for someone else?

Tailoring an Italy trip is like tailoring a nice suite: first we listen, call to discuss all the details, then we prepare a draft itinerary. Then depending on the feedbacks we finalize the execution. After the delivery, travelers are always in contact with us and they come back for more. If you are ready to tailor your own story of Italy, click “design my trip” now to start! 

italy private tours

*cooking classes at the luxury hotel "Il Falconiere"

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