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Italian Accommodation: Rent a Villa or Book a Hotel?

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April 23, 2016

Italian Accommodation: Rent a Villa or Book a Hotel?

Anyone who has ever vacationed in Italy will have to answer one very important question: Where would you like to stay?

For exacting travellers, your choices boil down to two options: villa or hotel. And while either would be an excellent decision – both Italy’s exclusive villas and boutique hotels have mastered the arts of fine hospitality and luxury amenities – the best choice for you boils down to, well, you.

Stay in an Italian villa if…

For many travellers, just the thought of an Italian villa is enough to evoke romantic imagery of old-world style: Ancient stone arches and kitchens that centre around a fiery hearth. Magnificent homes perched on cliffs overlooking spectacular lakes, and infinity pools with views that spill into the Mediterranean. Striking wooden doors and thick ivy that climbs over centuries-old brick. Miles of terraced grapevines and views to walled towns.

All this, all to yourself.

Renting a villa in Italy is the perfect choice for families and large groups, since villas are often spacious homes with many bedrooms. Your villa will serve as a base to explore the region; you’ll have privacy; you’ll appreciate the convenience (and cosiness) of having your entire group together, under one luxurious roof.

And when you travel with us, a villa can also mean 5-star service. A decade ago, Italian villas were self-serve – you made your own meals, did your own driving, and acted as your own housekeeper. But now, we offer our finest villas with man of the same 5-star services you’d find at a top hotel: private chefs, daily cleaning, private drivers, and concierge services. We like to call it no-compromise travel.

But you might prefer a hotel if…

When you think about Italy, do you dream of bustling cobblestone streets and gondola rides? Do you plan to breakfast at a different café every morning, and take all your evening meals at recommendations from the latest Michelin Restaurant Guide? Do you hope to be in the centre of it all?

A luxury, boutique or 5-star Italian hotel will be perfect for you. Owning the best locations in the best cities, and often on historic grounds – stunning homes, expansive palaces, and once-convents, all restored to modern convenience – these hotels are the perfect choice for couples and families who don’t need a lot of space, and who are happy to swap a villa’s rural tranquillity for a hotel’s prime urban location.

We also recommend hotels to travellers who enjoy a long list of services and amenities. Beyond breakfast in bed and daily linen service – because you can now enjoy both at Italy’s finest villas – many 5-star hotels offer additional amenities, like full spas, onsite restaurants, wine cellars, gym facilities and more.

Like we said, villa or hotel – the choice is about you, your preferences, and your expectations. Contact us and let us know who you are, and we’ll help you identify the best accommodations in Italy for you.


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