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Why Travel in Italy with Paul & Andrea?

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February 16, 2017

In an over-touristic country like Italy, great travel advisors really make a difference. Even though booking a trip to Italy online is quite common today, there are many perks that you only get to enjoy when you travel with Paul and Andrea. If you are searching for the un-googleable experiences in Italy, if you want to create memories that are different than the massive crowd, keep reading.

luxury holidays italy

An authentic, exclusive, private journey that makes you feel being a part of Italy. This is exactly what Paul and Andrea believe in and what they offer. Here is a quick peak into the many “whys” that set this duo group apart from other travel agencies:

1. Real exclusive airport service

Paul and Andrea were former pilots. Their experience working for decades in big and small airports all over Italy brought them tremendously valuable contacts in the sector. While other travel agencies might only pick you up at the “Arrival” area, Paul and Andrea will await you directly AT the gate. The moment your flight just lands the ground, you will see their big smile at the gate door. They will walk you to the exclusive fast track through the security line and custom line, which is often a nightmare in Italy’s big airports.

2. Your Local “Social Dining” friends

“Our travelers are our friends,” said Paul. And they take this statement seriously. Every traveler will be invited to have a dining with them once they arrive in Italy. Paul and Andrea believe that when travelers come to Italy, they are usually very curious about getting in touch with the local people but don’t have the chance to cultivate contacts. Paul and Andrea always invite guests to dine in their personal favorite restaurants, talk and laugh over great food and wines. They enjoy talking with guests about travel, Italy, food, soccer (of course), jokes, and life in general.

luxury holidays italy

3. Your honest, sometimes “mean” Italian concierges

You want someone that really knows about Italy to offer you real-time, honest opinions. What’s a better option than a team of quality-obsessed, demanding Italians themselves? Paul and Andrea are not afraid to offer travelers different opinions, though these advices might appear quite uncommon at the first place. For example, Paul often recommends travelers to avoid Rome during summer time, since the tourist crowd and summer heat could almost destroy a pleasant trip. Travelling with them means that you will receive real, non-manufactured answers, like you have a trusted family member to call in Italy.

4. They only recommend experiences and places they KNOW thoroughly

Integrity and honesty are Luxo’s core values. While many travel agencies simply put packages online and only focus on selling, Paul and Andrea focus on telling their travelers what is Good and what is just OK. For instance, a five-star hotel might be the best choice in Venice two years ago, and that might not be true today. Every three months, they take the time to travel to new places in Italy and test new restaurants, so they always have something fresh to offer. “I only recommend my clients what I know best and I really like, nothing else,” said Paul.

luxury holidays italy

 5. Here is what past travelers say about them:

“We believe they are unbeatable!  From our professional photo shoot in Rome, to our welcome dinner, photographs, and all the extras we experienced…our most gracious thanks.”

“When we started planning the trip I knew immediately that these people genuinely cared about the outcome of our travel experience.”

“From that moment on we felt we had met warm and very caring friends. Each place we went to became my new favorite until we moved on to our new destination and were amazed yet again by their choice.”

You get the idea. Words of mouth are the best proof of great travel advisors. If you want to experience Italy for real and feel part of the culture, call them now!

luxury holidays italy


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