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Why You Need to Plan Your Italy Trip in Advance

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March 14, 2017

Everybody loves the idea of Italy. But few do it right.

Hotels all overbooked. The private tour to your favorite historic site just closed. The best city guide in town simply said NO because he is overwhelmed.

Sound familiar? A last-minute planned vacation to Italy can really ruin the beauty of travel for you. You’d end up standing in the long line just to get a slight peak into the Coliseum or Uffizi Gallery, and let the whole trip experience fall flat.

Is there a cure? Yes, and it is simple. Plan it early, especially in Italy.  Here is our “why”s:

1. You Get Best Rooms With Incredible Views

In hotcake-like destinations such as Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast, exclusivity is key. The best properties in these places (not necessarily all 5-star luxury, but ensured exclusive views and quality service) are fully booked usually long before the summer. One of Luxo Italia’s favorite hotel pick in Portofino is Hotel Splendido, stunning architecture itself with retro-style décor located in Portofino’s portside. When booked early, Luxo’s Italy travel expert can put you into the room with the sea views or garden backdrops. You’ll enjoy a sunset cocktail at your open backyard or private terrace with ocean vista.

Another big advantage of these exclusive properties is that the tranquility gives you the rare access to the region’s true beauty. Staying in a tranquil terrace far away from the massive crowd makes a difference here: it is a privileged point of view to see and breathe. After all, the point of taking a vacation is to experience beauty and enjoy moments of peace. It is just not possible to find that in the middle of the crowd.

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2. Unique, Cool Experiences Require RSVP  

A one-on-one cooking class with a famous chef in a Roman-style farmhouse. A private, historian-led tour to the secret, non-public rooms inside the Vatican. A private insider walk of Rome’s historic center with the best guide, who not only makes you learn but also makes you laugh.

All of these authentic, special encounters are RSVP based. Especially because they are so special and hard to find, you need to contact you Luxo advisor as soon as possible to check the availability. We promise: It is worth it.  We repeat: It is worth it.

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3. It Even Taste Better

Italy’s best and “out of the box” restaurants take reservations seriously. If you love Italian cuisine already, you’d hate to miss the best culinary experience once you are here. To try the best of the best, book early. When others finally find out the restaurant is fully booked till the end of the year, you get the best table.

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4. It Saves $$$

Planning the Italy trip early saves money, too. Hotel rates are gonna be much more reasonable than booking a few weeks in advance. The price of after-hour tours in Rome or Florence still hasn't gone through the roof.

Save these budgets for extra champagnes or nice dinners. It is always worth it to splurge on food and drinks while in Italy, isn’t it?

luxury travel italy




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