Private Tours To Italy: Here Are Our Top 30 Destinations

Do you want to visit Italy but look for something more than a simple tourist trip?

They told you about Rome, Florence, Venice, grand monuments and great food, but this is not all that the Bel Paese has to offer.

There are experiences to try, secrets to discover and enchanted places to admire. There is a means and a way to experience Italy!

This is why we have selected our 30 best destinations for a luxury trip to Italy for you.

(It wasn’t easy to choose the best 30!)

Here you will find both the big cities you’ve already heard about and the magical places that will allow you to experience the thrill of a unique journey.

Enjoy the reading

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1. Lake Como

It is perhaps the most famous lake in Italy, also thanks to the presence of certain VIPs, and it is also one of the most beautiful.

Located in Lombardia, 50 kilometers from Milan, the lake has enchanted travelers and great artists throughout history, including works such as “I promessi sposi” (The Betrothed).

Exploring the lake by boat is a great experience to have at least once in a lifetime; the landscapes, villages, and gardens that can be seen are breathtaking.

luxo como lake

For the more adventurous, it is even possible to take a plane from one of Italy’s oldest Aero clubs in Como, to fly over the lake and even get to Lugano.

However, there are also many villas and villages hidden around the lake to explore: Cernobbio, Bellagio, Villa Melzi, Isola Comacina, Laglio (where George Clooney loves to stay).

Without forgetting the gems located to the north: Gravedona and Piona, with their churches and Roman abbeys.

2. The Langhe in Piedmont

A historical region of Piedmont in northern Italy, The Langhe is famous for its vineyards, castles and the magic that the valleys offer, especially in Autumn.

Here there are villages known throughout the world for the quality of wine and local products, from Alba to Barolo one experiences the most intense culinary experiences in life.

luxo piedmont langhe

Those who know how to appreciate wine will find their paradise in the Langhe: the endless rows of vines that are visibly lost are only the prelude to the wine tasting experience that you can book to taste the most famous and prized Italian wines.

(P.S. in Barolo you can also visit the Wine Museum!)

3. The secret rooms of the Vatican

Rome, St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican are famous throughout the world, perhaps too much. Every day, more than 2000 people visit the rooms of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums are targeted by multitudes of believers from all countries.

Few have the opportunity to visit these magnificent places in peace and tranquility, without the haste imposed by rigid rounds for tourists.

luxo lazio vaticano

Those who manage to enjoy the frescoes, the famous Last Judgment and the museum rooms in a more intimately and privately have a completely different experience, capturing the real treasures of the Vatican.

It is a tour suitable for those who want to capture the hidden charm of the Eternal City, going beyond the most famous and popular monuments such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and Piazza Venezia.

4. The Venice Lagoon

Almost 6000 years old and one of the most charming and magical Italian cities, the Venice Lagoon is a must for anyone who wants to experience exciting trips to Italy.

There is a secret Venice in addition to the one we see on postcards, the submerged city, Piazza San Marco and the Rialto bridge: the Venice of the lagoon and the islands.

luxo veneto venice

Having a private boat at your disposal allows you to experience Venice from the water, in an out of the ordinary way, and reach unexpected places. In fact, on these hidden islands, there are world-famous restaurants and luxury hotels, such as the Hotel Cipriani on Giudecca Island.

In addition, islands like Murano lend themselves to discovering more magic: glass processing. Here, in fact, you can book private tours to see the great glass masters at work.

5. The 3 Cime di Lavaredo and the Marmolada

What could be better than a helicopter ride over the 3 beautiful peaks of Lavaredo, the symbol of the majestic Dolomites?

Find out by visiting these UNESCO heritage sites, and let yourself be enchanted by the view of the 3 peaks. The highest Cima Grande almost 3,000 meters high, together with the “younger sisters,” offers adventurous travelers some beautiful plays on color, going from light gray to intense red.

luxo tre cime di lavaredo

When talking about the Dolomites, we cannot fail to mention their Queen, the Marmolada. located on the border between the Province of Belluno and Trento, the scene of clashes during the First World War, the Marmolada is the highest mountain group in the whole of the Dolomites.

A must for travelers who love the mountain and its magic.

6. Bormio in the Alps

Bormio is another famous and evocative mountain town in Italy and is located in Valtellina, in Stelvio National Park.

Famous for its slopes (the Alpine Skiing World Championships were also held here), Bormio in the Alps is a different destination from the classic destinations in Italy.

Here you can dedicate yourself to sports, nature walks or total relaxation, immersed in its prestigious outdoor thermal baths under the snow.

luxo alpi bavaria

7. The gems of Tuscany (Florence, the hills of Siena, Brunello, Montalcino, Chianti)

As for Venice, even a trip to Florence brings with it two types of experiences: a classic and known, and one that is more refined, unique and hidden.

In Tuscany, there are gems that many let slip through their fingers.

There are hills around Siena, for example, the Brunello, Montalcino or the Chianti area. Here too, as at the Langhe, it is possible to devote oneself to wine tasting immersed in the silence and magic of elegant and poetic natural landscapes.

luxo toscana siena

You can go hunting for truffles with local experts, book cooking sessions in the lands of the famous Florentine steak, or experience the thrills of a hot-air balloon ride over the Tuscan hills.

For those who want an even more classic experience, in Florence, you can’t miss the Uffizi (perhaps taking advantage of an unscheduled opening), Palazzo Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, home of the historic Medici family, and the Duomo.

In Tuscany you can imagine yourself on board of a roaring Maserati in the hills of Siena or walking on the banks of the Arno passing through Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the choice is yours!

8. Porto Cervo

The essence of the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia, the perfect destination for those who want to make your experience at the beach more fashionable and luxurious.

Always synonymous with elegance, Porto Cervo offers travelers relaxation and luxury entertainment, along with boutiques and shops of the most important brands.

A boat trip in the Sardinian sea offers glimpses of the enchanting Porto, the climate is always excellent, and there is so much order and cleanliness that it seems fictional.

luxo porto cervo sardinia

9. The Cinque Terre

A wonderful Italian National Park in Liguria that takes its name from 5 beautiful and picturesque villages scattered on cliffs overlooking the sea.

In the 5 lands it is possible to walk down hundreds of exclusively pedestrian paths, surrounded by nature and the sea; admire ancient castles and discover beaches that are not very accessible and pristine.

The 5 villages are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, and it is worth discovering them all because each one has its own particularities and uniqueness, like the sand on the beaches, which varies from village to village.

luxo liguria manarola

10. The ruins of Pompeii

Do you want to have an experience of ancient and unique charm? Pompeii is the perfect destination.

Its ruins will make you feel part of something bigger; Pompeii helps you capture the fleetingness of life, inspiring fascination and anxiety at the same time. The natural catastrophe of the volcanic eruption in 79 AD surprised everyone in an instant; it is still possible to see what people were doing at that very moment.

luxo campania pompei

Lose yourself in the Villa of the Mysteries, where you can admire the ancient frescoes, the Temple of Apollo and the majestic Roman amphitheater.

Pompeii is also close to the famous Amalfi Coast, so it is perfect for a travel experience that combines the magic of history with that of the sea and Mediterranean colors.

This is why the Amalfi Coast is the next item on our list!

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11. The Amalfi Coast

Here you are spoiled with choices.

The Amalfi Coast is rich in beauty, scents, landscapes, and a wonderful sea. You only have to design your trip to be able to see all the places that inspire you the most.

From Vietri sul Mare to Punta Campanella passing through Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and Salerno you can find an uninterrupted landscape of steep cliffs and jagged rocks typical of the Amalfi Coast. Here you can admire the coasts and small beaches, the famous lemon groves and terraced vineyards overlooking the sea.

luxo campania amalfi coast

12. Amalfi

Amalfi, one of the ancient Italian Maritime Republics, is the city from which the name of the whole Coast derives. Overlooking the sea with houses even clinging to the rock, you can find unforgettable glimpses and scents in every corner.

You can walk under the arches of the alleys of the historic center, admiring the coast, and it is on this coast that you can find the Emerald Grotto, an unmissable destination for a suggestive excursion.

luxo campania amalfi

13. Ravello

The mesmerizing city of music, located in the province of Salerno along the Amalfi Coast, is less known and popular than Amalfi (and this is an advantage!).

In Ravello, you will find unmissable gems such as the coral museum and the splendid Villa Rufolo, as well as one of the oldest cathedrals in Italy: the Cathedral of Ravello. Here, in his seventeenth-century chapel is kept the vial with the blood of San Pantaleone, which like that of San Gennaro in Naples liquefies every year.

The city of Ravello is undoubtedly a privileged point from which to admire the Amalfi Coast.

luxo campania ravello

14. Sorrento

The third destination linked to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento wins you over with its colors and perfumes.

Also built on a cliff, Sorrento is famous for its sea views, the historic center and Piazza Tasso, the heart of the city.

Sorrento has been influenced much more than any other sister coastal cities by the different cultures that have populated it over the years, Greeks, Romans, Normans, Aragonese, and the imprint of these different cultures makes it a unique and unmissable gem in the Italian coastal landscape.

Those who decide to devote time to the city can admire the Cathedral and the Cloister of San Francesco and cannot miss the wonderful and evocative Vallone dei Mulini, in the historic center.

luxo campania sorrento

15. Capri

The Isle of Capri, located in the Gulf of Naples right in front of Sorrento, is one of the most sought-after seaside destinations in Italy.

Always associated with luxury hotels, high fashion, shopping and limoncello, each year it attracts numerous yachts that land on its shores to admire its splendid coves.

By boat, you can reach the most hidden beaches and dive in crystal clear waters, relax and enjoy the natural sites and caves of Capri.

luxo capri

16. Ischia

A splendid volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, it is the perfect end to your journey to the Amalfi Coast. Ischia is the perfect destination to enjoy a bit of relaxation immersed in peace, beauty, and nature.

Famous for its invigorating mineral-rich thermal baths, it is said that the Source of Nitrodi was “made magical” by its proximity to the temple of the god Apollo and that it made all the women who dived there beautiful.

In 2003 the Italian Ministry of Health recognized the beneficial and healing properties of this source, so don’t let it slip away!

luxo campania ischia

17. Etna and the Gole of Alcantara

Do you prefer to devote yourself to trekking and challenging your limits?

An excursion to the Etna volcano is a perfect and unforgettable experience; you can complete the planned routes between craters, volcanic bombs, lunar landscapes. And you can do all this facing the sea!

Explore the famous “Valle del Bove” and let yourself be guided through the gorges of the Alcantara River. For those who are more adventurous, it is also possible to go on excursions with real speleologists in the volcanic caves.

luxo sicilia gole alcantara

18. Matera

The City of Sassi has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993 and was the European Capital of Culture of 2019.

Matera, located more than 400 meters above sea level in the southern part of Basilicata, is a unique city, a journey into the past and a continuous source of amazement. Its architecture gives it unparalleled charm and shows how man is able, when he wants, to adapt to the surrounding environment in perfect harmony.

luxo basilicata matera

There are testimonies of indigenous peoples from the Paleolithic period, finds that coexist with today’s life of the city, which float in an almost mystical way between past and present. In fact, today numerous cultural events are taking place in Matera, and the Lonely Planet guide also included Città dei Sassi among the must-see destinations in 2018.

Here, in addition to the magic of the city suspended over the stones, you can admire the Tramontano Castle, the Church of the Purgatory, Sasso Caveoso with its still intact caves and Sasso Barisano, home of the numerous artisan workshops of Matera.

After visiting the Sassi our advice is to enjoy the canyon of the Gravina, several kilometers long and full of trails that allow you to discover the whole area around Matera.

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19. The dying city – Civita di Bagnoregio

Civita di Bagnoregio is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Italy, part of the municipality of Bagnoregio inhabited only by 11 people, it is nicknamed the “The Dying Town” due to the slow and inexorable erosion of the rocks on which it stands.

Located on the border between Lazio and Umbria, Civita di Bagnoregio is for those looking for hidden destinations in addition to the usual and most famous destinations. It is a small island of land suspended at 443 meters above sea level that seems to stand on a delicate balance of rocks and gullies, connected to the “rest of civilization” by a very thin concrete viaduct that overlooks the beautiful Valle dei Calanchi.

Even in Civita di Bagnoregio as in Matera, it seems to have remained in an Italy of the past, from the late medieval period, where you can find walls, arches, courtyards, craft shops, customs and processions that are still handed down from generation to generation.

luxo civita di bagnoreggio

20. Paestum

An archaeological Park like few others in the world, Paestum includes the most important sculptural cycle in Magna Grecia.

Located in Campania, in the province of Salerno, it was once called Poseidonia in the name of the god Poseidon, to whom is dedicated a Temple that can still be visited today. The area of the Archaeological Park is breathtaking and numerous activities can be carried out inside it, from night visits to excavations to lighting the lanterns up to the educational laboratories, where the tools and ancient weapons of the warriors are shown from prehistory to the Roman age.

P.S. You can even adopt a block of the Park walls!

luxo campania paestum

21. Marsala

A splendid city in western Sicily, Marsala is rich in artistic beauty and unique landscapes.

It has Phoenician, Greek, Roman and Arabic influence, and all have left their mark in terms of architecture and colors, giving it the appearance of a splendid and lively mosaic.

The ancient area of the city extends from the Lagoon of the Stagnone to the historic center and coexists with the modern urban complex. Throughout the territory, you can admire caves, necropolis, sanctuaries, submerged roads, and even shipwrecks.

Marsala is also the city of wine, ceramics, strawberries, and flowers, its aromas and flavors will win you over ons your walks through the streets of the historic center and the inland towns.

luxo sicilia marsala

22. Erice

More to the north of Marsala, on the tip of the beautiful Sicily, is Erice, a charming village with just over 1000 inhabitants located on top of the homonymous Mount Erice at 751 meters above sea level.

Surrounded by ramparts and walls, Erice is an unforgettable beauty thanks to its Phoenician-Roman influences and its labyrinths of narrow streets, so narrow that it doesn’t allow two people to walk side by side.

The medieval atmosphere can still be felt among the houses and narrow streets of Erice, where peace and tranquility reign supreme and where you can stop in the renowned craft shops.

The view from the walls of Erice on the sea is a priceless sight.

luxo sicilia erice

23. Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are an archipelago of 7 beautiful islands of Sicily inserted in 2000 among the UNESCO heritage sites. Also called the Lipari Islands, they owe their name to Aeolus, the ancient god of wind.

The 7 famous islands are Lipari (where the god was believed to live), Stromboli, Vulcano, Salina, Alicudi, Filicudi, and Panarea. A cruise that touches them all and then ends at sunset in front of the active volcano of Stromboli is an extraordinary experience and should not be missed.

For the more adventurous, climbing to the Vulcano’s Great Crater is also a must. The summit is 391 meters above sea level and can be reached in just over an hour by following paths surrounded by fumaroles, lapilli, brooms and breathtaking views of the sea.

luxo sicilia lipari aeolian islands

24. Alberobello

A wonderful UNESCO heritage city in Puglia, Alberobello is the capital of the Trulli, the famous and characteristic Apulian dwellings: white dry-stone conical constructions that support the landscape.

The historic center of Alberobello is unique precisely because it is entirely made up of these white pyramidal buildings.

luxo puglia alberobello

Here you find yourself catapulted into a fascinating and ancient, almost fairy-tale world, where the customary shops and boutiques are found in ancient Trulli. The Trullo Sovrano and the Trulli Siamesi have incredible surprises; Rione Monti and the Hague Piccola offer lovely panoramic views, the souvenirs are unique and inns and bistros, inside the Trulli, of course!, serve fantastic Apulian dishes.

The capital of the Trulli can easily be visited in one day for its collected dimensions, which is another reason not to miss it during a trip to Italy!

25. Cortina

One of the most famous and renowned Italian ski resorts, Cortina d’Ampezzo, is a trendy paradise for skiers, hikers, and climbers.

Its mountains include UNESCO heritage sites such as the Cristallo and the Cinque Torri, peaks and landscapes almost too beautiful to be real.

cortina luxo neve

However, Cortina is not just a mountain; those who love water sports can go rafting, canyoning and kayaking on the clear streams around the city, where which you can also fish, immersed in nature in peace and tranquility.

Do you prefer another type of relaxation? Cortina is also known for its shopping. In fact, Corso Italia is one of the most famous shopping streets in Italy!

26. Taormina

Taormina is a beautiful city on the eastern coast of Sicily, near the Mount Etna Volcano.

Goethe described it as a “strip of paradise on Earth” during his trip to Italy, and in fact, Taormina captivates with its beauty and charm. Its position on the sea combined with the roads from the medieval atmosphere, the historical and cultural heritage, the breathtaking views and the exquisite Sicilian food, make Taormina a unique place that shouldn’t be missed.

luxo sicilia taormina

Here you can admire the beautiful Cathedral of Taormina and its famous Greek Theater, from whose staircase you can see all the magnificent panorama of the coast and the Etna Volcano.

A hidden gem of Taormina is the small islet of about 1 square kilometer called Isola Bella, a nature reserve that has enchanted poets and philosophers with its crystal clear waters and dense and lush vegetation.

27. Piazza Armerina

A place that often takes second place when planning trips to Sicily, Piazza Armerina actually has one of the largest and most beautiful historical centers on the whole island and one of the most important Roman landmark buildings in the world: Villa Romana del Casale, which has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1997.

The Villa, which was only discovered in 1950, covers more than 3500 square meters and has 60 rooms and numerous mosaics among the most famous in Italy, including: “girls in bikinis,” “the great hunt,” and “The erotic scene.”

Piazza Armerina, located precisely in the center of Sicily, breathes an air of history everywhere. Here it is possible to admire monuments and buildings such as the Churches of San Rocco and San Pietro, the Aragonese Castle or the Commenda dei Cavalieri di Malta.

luxo piazza amerina

Here you find yourself catapulted into a fascinating and ancient, almost fairy-tale world, where the customary shops and boutiques are found in ancient Trulli. The Trullo Sovrano and the Trulli Siamesi have incredible surprises; Rione Monti and the Hague Piccola offer lovely panoramic views, the souvenirs are unique and inns and bistros, inside the Trulli, of course!, serve fantastic Apulian dishes.

The capital of the Trulli can easily be visited in one day for its collected dimensions, which is another reason not to miss it during a trip to Italy!

28. Agrigento – the Valley of the Temples

Agrigento was once one of the most important Greek colonies and was called Akragas. When the Carthaginians conquered it, to make it a base for the war against the Romans, its name was changed to Agrigentum and hence the current Agrigento.

This is to make people understand how history can be experienced in Agrigento, by touching it with your hand. The so-called Park of the Temples extends for about 1300 hectares and presents one of the major archaeological complexes in the Mediterranean, which is why UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1997.

Agrigento embodies the treasures of antiquity, such as the 7 sacred places that can still be admired here: among them the Temple of Hera with its 34 columns, the Temple of Concord and that of Castor and Pollux; or the Norman Cathedral with its high bell tower. Without forgetting the Via Atenea, where Palazzo Celauro is located and where Goethe once lived.

luxo sicilia agrigento

29. Palermo

If you are thinking about a trip to Sicily, you can’t miss the capital: Palermo. Here the Baroque, Norman, Art Nouveau, and Arabesque styles coexist, giving the city a touch of particular uniqueness and beauty.

Even before entering the city you will fall in love with its surroundings, starting with Mondello.

Mondello is the beach of Palermo, famous for its crystal clear sea. Here you can also buy freshly cut and octopus on the beach.

Alternatively, in the city, the obligatory stops for gourmets are the food markets like Vucciria and Ballarò; instead, those for travelers hungry for history and architectural beauty are Palazzo dei Normanni, Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio, Steri, and the colorful Botanical Gardens.

luxo sicilia palermo

30. Stresa – Lake Maggiore

We started the list with a lake, and we will conclude it with a lake, Lake Maggiore. The second largest lake in Italy, Lake Maggiore offers breathtaking landscapes and many treasures to be discovered among villas, gardens, and palaces.

On its coasts is Stresa, the queen city of the lake.

There are majestic buildings like Villa Pallavicino with its beautiful gardens and zoos and the Grand Hôtel des Îles Borromées where Hemingway stayed. From Stresa, you can book boats to get to the Borromean Islands, where you can find magnificent places for fishing or the Museum of Dolls and Toys.

For a little fun in addition to relaxing on the lake, you can go to the nearby Monte Mottarone and its bobsleigh tracks!

luxo lake maggiore

To Conclude

Well, now you know that in Italy you can find destinations for all your desires and tastes, from the sea to the mountains passing through splendid suspended villages, historic villages, medieval cities, and breathtaking landscapes.

It is only a question of choosing to live these experiences to the fullest, so you don’t miss the magic and uniqueness of the journey, the territory, and food.

But these are just some of the experiences you have in Italy, download our ebook to discover the most exclusive destinations!

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Best Luxury Vacations For Couples (For The Whole Year)

What is luxury? A state of mind, a set of rituals and nuances but also and above all taking time for yourself. Give yourself some attention, taking care of yourself by focusing on what you love the most.

This time translates into “personal pampering“, which is even more special if shared with a special someone. This is how, with your other half by your side, your break really becomes a quality vacation.

And what better situation to enjoy this break if not on a vacation for couples?

Time for yourself and time for two.

Maybe on a holiday that goes beyond conventional definitions, to destinations that fulfill desires thanks to details and attention that respond to every need, even to those that are still unexpressed, taking into account our personal tastes.

Let’s start by looking for the most exclusive destinations in the world for an absolutely memorable luxury vacation for couples.

The search for luxury: for him and her

When it comes to luxury, restaurants, and hotels around the world are continually able to redefine the boundaries of their exclusive offerings to guarantee their clients unparalleled experiences.

At almost every destination it is possible to find different styles of luxury in various forms.

This is why, first and foremost, it is important to have a personal definition of luxury.

For some travelers, for example, we could talk about private islands rather than a private butler, or even a classy dinner served at an exclusive table in a five-star restaurant. Your idea of luxury, in essence, is what will dictate the guidelines for each holiday you plan.

Luxury vacations for couples to exotic destinations

When thinking of the best luxury vacation for couples, the first images that come to mind are almost always connected to crystal clear waters and pristine white beaches.

The following is a classification, ordered by geographical location, of tourists’ most requested exotic destinations who intend to organize a luxury holiday for couples.

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1. Caribbean

The most beautiful and exclusive archipelagos in the world are part of this geographical area, starting with the Cayman Islands which are composed of three idyllic islands and offer all the luxury you could ever imagine.

Total relaxation, exquisite dinners, exciting nightlife, crystal clear waters in contrast with the colors of the reef below. This and much more is what the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Grand Cayman, the main island of the three islands of the archipelago, can guarantee.

Known for its breathtaking cliffs, Cayman Brac is a destination off the beaten path, therefore, perfect for a luxury vacation for couples. It allows nature lovers to learn about rare flora and fauna as well as countries with prominent names such as Cotton Tree Bay or Watering Place.

The accommodations on this island, often chosen for weddings, are ideal for a moment of relaxation after a day discovering the local beauties.

Lastly, only 10 miles long and 1 mile wide, there is Little Cayman, the island of peace and quiet par excellence. It is characterized by paradisiacal beaches that often don’t have tourists like the splendid South Hole Sound Lagoon, where it is possible to take private baths in water that embraces every shade of blue.

And don’t miss the Booby Pond Nature Reserve.

There are also more active proposals such as bike or scooter rides, rather than kayaking to reach the nearby Owen Island that offers marine landscapes in their purest and most uncontaminated essence.

St. Martin is another exclusive Caribbean destination.

We are talking about an island with a total area of 37 square miles governed by Holland and France and inhabited by residents from 70 different countries. This mixture of cultures characterizes a place that, especially in the French part, ensures greater quietness, a more refined cuisine, a port with open-air cafes, markets and various opportunities for shopping or leisure.

Another pearl of the Caribbean is St. Barthélemy, which cleverly mixes Caribbean and French essences, offering a sophisticated approach to relaxation and peace of mind.

Here, tourists can spend the whole day on the beach, then get lost in fashion-inspired French shops rather than going to see an exhibition in a gallery, watch the sunset while enjoying an aperitif at the port and finally choose from about 100 excellent restaurants for an elegant dinner.

The island, only 8 square miles wide, is hilly and offers several protected inlets with its picturesque and quiet beaches, making it a perfect destination for luxury travel for couples.

A must see is the city of Gustavia, which develops around a modern harbor where mega yachts gather together as well as fishing boats.

Behind it, the hills are dotted with the red roofs of the villas, and the avenues are populated by various shops. Another local feature is the high quality of the cuisine. Everything here, in short, is refined and elegant.

We are still in the Caribbean, but this time we are moving to the Bahamas, an archipelago of over 100 islands. The capital is on the island of New Providence, a heterogeneous mix of social life and uninhabited expanses, large resorts and accommodations slightly hidden from view.

This island, where two-thirds of the local inhabitants live, is often only a crossing point because it is characterized by a frenetic lifestyle, almost like that of the Western world.

However, there is no lack of pleasant places to find peace, especially in terms of white beaches, where the only sound you hear is waves.

The Abacus Islands, which are part of this archipelago, are also in high demand for luxury holidays for couples. They are characterized by an almost wild and uninhabited environment while allowing access to high-level services able to meet any need.

Here, ecotourism is very widespread. Tourists can explore the pine forests where wild boars and wild horses live, as well as the rare Abaco parrot and myriads of rare birds.

For this reason, among the most requested activities, walks with a final stop at the abandoned beaches that meet at the edge of the forest along the trekking routes stand out. You can also go kayaking to discover protected areas but, for the more traditional activities, there are proposals like golf, tennis or beach volleyball.

In the Caribbean area, we also find an evergreen, the Dominican Republic, with its beautiful peninsula of Samana that almost seems like an island in its own right characterized by coconut trees that skim the water of the sea.

It is a sort of microcosm that embraces every extreme, from poverty to wealth, from new highways to ill-traced paths.

But what most characterizes this peninsula are the green mountains, the tropical forests, the small villages dotted with stands of colorful fruit and vegetables, the exclusive and pristine beaches and the incomparable, radiant heat of the Dominicans.

The bay is also a favorite place for whale watching from January to March. The luxurious and modern Puerto Bahía Marina & Residences and Bannister Hotel resorts are located here and have brought a new type of tourism to this area, aiming for exclusivity.

2. Central America

Mexico definitely stands out among the favorite destinations for those looking for the best luxury vacation for couples because it does not disdain historical attractions and outdoor activities.

Tulum, in particular, ensures an intimate atmosphere and exotic experience, two key elements of a romantic holiday. With a coastline stretching from the Sea of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean and 350 days of sunshine, Los Cabos is also one of the most popular destinations.

Here, the twin cities of Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo offer various active experiences. Among them, the Corridor tourist center offers exclusive resorts with everything you need for an unforgettable vacation.

Obviously, Mexico is not only this; we are talking about a multifaceted country characterized by forests, deserts, coral reefs, but also ancient archaeological sites and colonial cities like Oaxaca and San Miguel de Allende, which are next to vibrant cities like Mexico City.

3. Oceania

Let’s move eastwards to the Pacific Ocean. In the middle of nowhere, you can find the famous Fiji Islands, a real paradise that represents a romantic escape par excellence. With its luxurious accommodations, unparalleled beaches around the world, excellent spa treatments and refined cuisine, they are the ideal destination for those planning a luxury holiday for couples.

Indonesia is another evergreen especially in reference to Bali, better known as the Isle of Gods. It is a truly versatile earthly paradise, able to offer something to every type of tourist. It is an extremely attractive destination, characterized by beaches, volcanoes, rice fields, forests, and renowned resorts.

And it is able to satisfy even the most active lifestyles with dive sites, golf courses and beaches for surfers. But what makes Bali unequaled is the tradition and commitment of the inhabitants of the local villages who keep it alive with ceremonies and rituals.

There are hundreds of temples, rituals, artisan pieces of work and dances that are not a show for tourists but a concrete connection with the old local Hindu faith, a culture that is still alive and welcomes tourists with open arms showing itself in all its splendor.

Who, when thinking of the best luxury vacation for couples, does not put Bora Bora on the wish list?

The American writer James A. Michener, who has visited over 40 Pacific islands during his service in the navy in the Second World War, called Bora Bora the most beautiful island in the world. Some believe that it is inspired by the enchanted island Bali Hai that appears in his book “Tales of the South Pacific.”

luxo bora bora

Whether it is true or not, it is indisputable that if we were asked to describe a paradise island, we would probably talk about the characteristics of this uncontaminated corner of French Polynesia.

A lagoon with blue and green hues, a tropical forest, a coral reef, endless coves with deserted beaches and coconut trees. These are the elements that make Bora Bora a postcard destination.

The island itself, between beaches and hidden temples, can be visited in its entirety in a few hours. It is home to just under 9,000 Polynesians who are waiting to show visitors the pristine beauty they live in.

Another Polynesian island is Tahiti, perhaps the most chaotic of the archipelago (118 total), but it is not a less seductive island for this. Its name brings to mind an idyllic place with blue lagoons surrounded by palm trees and white sandy beaches. Added to this are the sought-after details associated with modernity as a 5-star resort and boutiques of the best brands in the world for a truly uncompromising luxury holiday for couples.

4. Asia

When talking about Thailand, we are spoiled with choices: all the islands are able to offer a luxury vacation with 5-star accommodation and high-quality services even in the most popular locations or in those apparently more conservative.

This is why choosing an island is not so simple.

Perhaps the most renowned and romantic is Phuket, a fabulous location characterized by beautiful beaches and restaurants of all kinds, as well as hotels and the possibility to carry out diverse activities.

It is certainly a more “chaotic” stop than other solutions and, for this reason, it is often combined in packages with holidays to Ko Phi Phi, Krabi, and the idyllic Similan islands. All trips to the islands of Thailand leave from the capital, Bangkok.

It is the kingdom of chaos, but a tour of the aromatic streets, the enchanting countryside and the ruins of the ancient city Ayutthaya are highly recommended before enjoying a few days of relaxation on the pristine beaches.

luxo asia thailand

Part of the Asian continent but almost “of another planet” are the Maldives, a classic romantic getaway for a luxury holiday for couples for any occasion.

Off the coast of Sri Lanka, they are composed of atolls dotted with exclusive bungalows that touch the crystal clear waters. Here, tourists can indulge in every vice, from beachfront massages to private dinners on the sand.

All that is said about these islands is true: the pristine beauty of the coral reef and the transparent colors of the Indian Ocean, the distance from chaos, indigenous vegetation and friendly people.

Everything corresponds to the idea that each of us has of the Maldives, an archipelago of 1,200 islands enclosed in 26 coral atolls. The whole area occupied by these islands is slightly more than 100 square miles. This means that wherever you find yourself, you will surely be within walking distance of the beach.

5. Africa

Africa is a more indigenous but no less exclusive destination.

Those looking for the sea and luxury relaxation should not miss what the Seychelles offers, an archipelago of over 100 islands of uncontaminated nature, white beaches, majestic granite cliffs and jungles of palm trees.

Seychelles, among the most exclusive and luxurious archipelago countries in the world, is a perfect escape for those looking for the best luxury holiday for couples. Known as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles islands offer tourists one of the most well-preserved tropical habitats in the world.

Many islands are still uninhabited, although in ancient times they served as hiding places for pirates, and, for this, they are home to plants, birds and very rare animals, including giant turtles and the Coco de Mer, once considered the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Before arriving on these islands, travel packages often include extraordinary safaris in Botswana rather than Tanzania. Even in these places, as in all nature reserves, where safaris are organized, exclusive accommodation facilities arise, guaranteeing luxury and maximum comfort without compromise.

luxo africa

Cities and metropolis

If our idea of luxury is closer to worldliness than to relaxation in uncontaminated environments, then, for luxury travel for couples, we recommend a structured visit that is enriched with every possible “pampering” imaginable in a modern metropolis. Here are our favorite destinations, proposed in geographical order, for tourists interested in discovering the cornerstones of our century.

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1. Tokyo

Endless lights, oriental food, hectic life: these are the ingredients of the fascinating capital of Japan, known for being a city full of contrasts. Shrines and gardens are calm breaks that alternate with crowded streets and are surrounded by huge buildings. Traditional inns, on the other hand, alternate with western-style restaurant chains that offer a more charming atmosphere.

For shopaholics, the local craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the most modern electronics. And at night you can opt for traditional karaoke or a modern club. Whether you are looking for tradition or you prefer discovering the avant-garde, Tokyo will be able to satisfy everyone.

2. Hong Kong

An enigma. No one could better describe Hong Kong, the city of extremes, whose extraordinary growth as an international meeting point coincides with the increasingly vertical development of its skyline. A city full of contradictions, to which it owes its undeniable charm.

Famous all over the world for being a true financial power, it hides a series of perspectives that contribute to its status as an urban city but, at the same time, an undisputed natural beauty. To realize this, simply explore its surroundings and immerse yourself in the natural habitats that surround it. So, after a day of shopping or discovering the most extreme modernity that winks at luxury, you can get lost in the many paths outside the beating heart of the city. From Lantau Island to Aberdeen Country Park, to the Shek O beaches and the mountainous beauties of Victoria Peak, there are more outdoor adventures on hand here than anywhere else in the world.

luxo hong kong

3. Dubai

Is Dubai the city of gold and glamor or an exotic destination in the middle of the desert? Most of its visitors cannot answer this question easily. The multifaceted Dubai is in fact both.

The international success of the local airline, Emirates, and the copious flight program of its aircraft can often mean that Dubai is nothing more than a crossing point between one airport and another.

But actually more and more travelers opt for this city for their luxury vacation for couples, considering the white and fine sandy beaches, the warm temperatures all year long, the Bedouin culture, the local natural beauty, the lively souks in contrast with the avant-garde architecture, international cuisine, theme parks of all kinds and finally the windows of world-famous houses for shopping.

luxo dubai

4. New York

From the skyscrapers of Wall Street to the lights of Times Square to the paths of Central Park, the city of New York has inexhaustible energy. History meets modernity in this global center of entertainment, fashion, and finance.

World-class museums such as MoMA and unmistakable icons such as the Statue of Liberty are parallel to less known but equally rewarding paths: shops and ethnic neighborhoods, ancient streets that have remained intact since the beginning of time that divide the spaces with trendy bars and restaurants that liven up the urban fabric. This and much, much more is New York, certainly a city to see at least once in a lifetime.

luxo new york

5. Paris

The city of love par excellence. Lovers of the metropolis, how could they not consider Paris for a luxury vacation for couples? In fact, Paris and romance go hand in hand, and there isn’t anyone in the world who does not want to reach this destination.

It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, as confirmed by the countless breathtaking views it offers: from the epic Eiffel Tower to the Jardin des Tuileries, from the Louvre museum to small cafés. Beyond the beauty of the city, local culture is universally recognized and inimitable. Whether for a historic visit, a passion for fashion or a search for local art, the City of Light will fascinate anyone.

luxo paris

A walk along the Arno offers a panorama that has remained unchanged for 700 years and that never ceases to amaze those who observe it. It is also a must to cross, with great patience, given the ever-increasing number of tourists, Piazza della Signoria.

But what most of all attracts travelers from all over the world is in the heart of the city: the Uffizi, the wealthiest and most well-preserved representation of the Italian Renaissance in the world. Obviously, Florence is much more than art and culture. It is also, in fact, great food and excellent wine, resulting in an excellent spokesperson for Tuscan food and wine renowned throughout the world.

6. Florence

Italy, permeated with romance in every corner, is undoubtedly among lovers’ favorite destinations for the best luxury holiday for couples.

Among these favorite cities, we find Florence, the city of the lily that gave birth to the Renaissance and changed the way we understand and see the world. For centuries, its open-air museums and frescoed ceilings have captured the interest of travelers.

It has a delicate charm; the refined palaces built in local stone are not flashy despite their large size. By day they are well placed in the natural context, but when the sun sets, and they are illuminated with skillfully positioned lights, they stand out enormously in all their magnificence.

7. Rome

Still in Italy, but a little further south. How could we not mention the eternal city in the list of favorite destinations for a luxury vacation for couples? The capital of Italy lives in the present, but like no other city in the world, can evoke the past with force.

For over 2,500 years, emperors, popes, artists, and ordinary citizens have left footprints that are still visible in almost every corner of the city. The archaeological excavations of ancient Rome, the churches overflowing with art, the treasures of the Vatican, the bars in Campo de’ Fiori, the beautiful and famous Trevi Fountain (and the list goes on) always draw the attention of anyone visiting here. But Rome is also an ideal place to practice “the dolce far niente”, or “laze” walking here and there.

luxo roma

Italy, why not?

We have finished our ranking of the best cities for lovers looking for a destination for their luxury holiday for couples with two Italian destinations. But in reality, if we had to focus on this country, the list of locations to visit as a couple would be endless.

They are cities overflowing with history and art, surrounded by pristine pastoral landscapes rich in natural treasures, guaranteeing prime quality elements for an unrivaled gastronomic tradition.

All this makes Italy a precious place to be discovered in every facet and, considering its undeniable romanticism, it is undoubtedly a favorite luxury destination for couples. Here are the strengths of this country of a thousand nuances.

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1. The pursuit of beauty

A pearl that is capable of representing the beauty of Italy well is Venice. Let’s talk about the romantic destination par excellence.

Couples looking for a getaway for two will only have to get lost in the streets until they find the perfect corner for a glass of wine along the canals before dinner. Venice is certainly one-of-a-kind, with channels instead of roads and boats instead of cars.

The palaces, the churches, the splendid Piazza San Marco and the numerous islands that are part of the lagoon reflect centuries of history in what at the time was considered a major hub for trade between Europe and the East.

luxo venice

Speaking of beauty, we cannot fail to mention the Amalfi Coast, known for its natural and architectural splendor. It is among lovers’ favorite destinations for traveling in the beautiful country, where they can get lost between natural wonders, among the historic houses of small villages clinging along the coasts all with an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean sea. Do not miss a visit to exceptional sites like the Emerald Grotto but also to medieval churches, gardens, and museums.

Obviously, those are just two clear examples of how much “beautiful” there is in Italy.

In fact, it is impossible to list all the fascinating destinations of this country, but just to name a few others, we remember the beautiful Lake Como, the exclusive Capri and the crystal clear waters of Sicily and Sardinia.

2. The Eden of enogastronomy

Italy is a destination of exception for lovers of good food and good drinks.

Do not miss a visit to the Langhe, in Piedmont, where delicacies of all kinds are produced, from truffles to Barolo wines. But even the scenography itself creates strong emotions: sweet vineyards, beautiful castles that dominate the valleys dotted with villages, churches, and wine bars, make this one of the most culturally and scenographically interesting areas in Italy.

Like the Langhe, a little further south, we find another area that is famous all over the world and perfect for a romantic getaway for two. We are talking about Tuscany, characterized by a skillful combination of art, sumptuous panoramas, delicious and unforgettable wines and food. With its elegance and delicacy, Tuscany is perfect for an exceptional luxury holiday for couples.

Also, in this case, the gastronomy is memorable in almost every corner of Italy.

This is because, from the North to the South, cultural traditions are kept alive, but also and above all culinary traditions. So, in addition to the Langhe and Tuscany evergreen, we could mention southern Italy, above all the magical Puglia or Basilicata with their typical dishes, but also northern Italy and the alpine arc with recipes tied to the local traditions.

3. Whitewashed peaks and crystalline waters

Italy’s geographical position and its elongated shape allow it to embrace different climatic conditions, managing to satisfy everyone’s needs.

So, if you are looking for snow for a romantic getaway on skis, the alpine arch will be able to satisfy all tastes. From the Dolomites to the Valle d’Aosta, you can find luxurious resorts designed for a demanding public that, in addition to ensuring a breathtaking view and one-of-a-kind cuisine, will amaze with high-end services such as 5-star wellness centers, often with heated water to enjoy the snow in a bathing suit.

Lovers will never be unsatisfied.

The typical Mediterranean temperatures, in fact, tickle those who prefer a dip in the sea that, in the summer months (from May/June to September/October), is warm and welcoming. The clear waters of southern Italy and its beautiful islands (Sardinia’s crystal clear waters are famous all over the world) will not leave you desiring more exotic destinations.

4. A significant story

But, when talking about cuisine, Italy is not only beautiful and “good”. It is also permeated with history like no other country in the world. Above all, Rome, the eternal city, which we made reference to above. A city whose artistic, architectural and cultural history dates back almost 3,000 years and has influenced the whole world. In addition to the famous Colosseum, the Forum and numerous ancient ruins testify to the power of the ancient Roman Empire. However, there are many testimonies of all the eras that the city has passed through. Inside the perimeter of Rome stands the Vatican City, home of the Catholic Church, where you can find the Basilica of San Pietro and the Vatican Museums that host numerous masterpieces such as the Sistine Chapel frescoes by Michelangelo.

In addition to Rome, among other sites that ooze famous history are certainly the ruins of Pompeii that have brought to light the remains of the Ancient Pompeii City, buried under a blanket of ashes and lapillus during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79.

An unparalleled archaeological site, well preserved thanks to the volcanic ashes that have even kept the bodies of different inhabitants of the time intact. Both the excavations of Pompeii and the history of the eruption that involved the city were at the center of numerous artistic works such as paintings, novels, exhibitions, films, fiction, and documentaries.

5. Under UNESCO’s wing

The excavations of Pompeii just mentioned as well as the Dolomites, and many other sites in Italy are so important that they are recognized by UNESCO as deserving special attention in order to preserve them over time.

In fact, Italy holds the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 54 properties on the list in 2018 and numerous others awaiting approval.

In particular, UNESCO (the acronym for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) established the World Heritage Convention in 1972, aiming to identify, maintain and protect this list of cultural sites and natural areas.

Luxury in Italy: a kaleidoscope of emotions

At the end of this discussion of the best places in the world for a luxury vacation for couples, it is clear that Italy is an ideal destination, able to meet all kinds of needs with exclusive proposals that tickle all 5 senses.

What other places in the world can guarantee the same versatility of Italy, where every town exudes charm thanks to some key features that do not turn their backs on other characteristics ranging from natural beauty to cuisine, to art or history?

It all depends on the setting you want for your luxury vacation.

So, if you are looking for good food and good wine, you can opt for the Langhe in Piedmont. But during your stay here, you will discover other pleasantries in addition to the cuisine, such as historical routes and pearls of art and architecture. So, apart from the cities you should see at least once in a lifetime, a luxury vacation for couples here can translate into full immersion in the Italian tradition.

We would like to add that, considering the versatility of this destination, there is never a wrong time to visit this beautiful country.

From November to February, however, tourism tends to dissipate, making the various locations less chaotic and crowded and the most sought-after sites such as the Vatican Museums of Rome or the Uffizi of Florence more accessible.

luxo venezia carnevale

Spring, on the other hand, is at full capacity in terms of tourism with the Holy Week that culminates into the Easter holidays. From that moment on, events and entertainment opportunities do not stop, building up to a very full calendar in the summer season. In fact, the highest concentration of tourists arrives from June to September, especially in seaside or mountain resorts. So, in these months, the less crowded destinations are the cities, in fact, they are more populated by foreigners than by locals.

Italy, in essence, is “a complete package” that, between coastlines, mountains, and countrysides, spans over 2,700 years of history and culture, all to be enjoyed at the slow and relaxed pace of the “dolce vita.”

To conclude, if you think that Italy may be the ideal destination for your next holiday, we have gathered, thanks to our experience, a complete list of exclusive activities and locations to visit that you’ll have difficulty finding on Google.

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9 Reasons To Spend Your Luxury Vacations In Italy

For years, Italy has been one of the favorite destinations of travelers from all over the world. Culture, beauty, food, wine and history: this small European country has such versatile offers that it knows how to satisfy any expectation. Among spectacular cities, ancient ruins, unique museums and unspoiled nature that can range from mountains to Caribbean-like beaches, Italy has so much to offer.

More specifically, this country hosts more sites recognized by UNESCO than any other state in the world. Visitors can discover 47 World Heritage Sites and 4 World Heritage Natural Sites, to name a few: the archaeological excavations of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata, or the pristine beauty of the Aeolian Islands or the Dolomites.

Considering all of this it is almost impossible to draw up a list of reasons to spend your luxury holidays in Italy. Italy has many alternatives rich in particularities that shouldn’t be missed. Below we tried to pull together a list of unique locations in the Bel Paese by subdividing them into themes.

1. Food and wine

The first reason why you should spend your luxury holidays in Italy is undoubtedly the undisputed local food and wine that represents, whatever the motivation that brings us to this country, one of the most unforgettable sensory experiences you can have in the Bel Paese. The particularity of the local food and wine is given by the profound heterogeneity of its region. In fact, each location has its culinary specialities, closely related to the established tradition.

From the exceptional catch in places like Venice, Cinque Terre or Sicily to the homemade pasta in Tuscany or Emilia Romagna, where hams and cheese take over, without forgetting the traditional Neapolitan pizza spread throughout the Campania region (and not only that), how could we not mention the desserts? In Italy, they are varied and all very good.

luxo taralli vino

Lovers of good wine will not be disappointed. On every occasion, it is always possible to combine a meal with a perfect bottle of wine to enhance your experience. There are countless towns that produce varying wines. One above all is the Val d’Orcia, in Tuscany, characterized by a magical alternation of vineyards and medieval villages. This area of ​​Italy includes places of caliber including Siena, Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino, where some of the most famous wines are produced not only in Italy but also throughout the world.

2. People and culture

Although we often tend to talk about Italians as impatient towards tourists, in reality, it is the exact opposite. Accomplice to a strong emotional culture and very close to the family, Italians are sensitive and hospitable to anyone who visits their land. For this reason, it is warmly recommended to visitors to come into direct contact with the locals. It will not be difficult, during a luxury trip to Italy, to be invited to a local’s home for a homemade dinner or to meet people who act as guides, enriching the history of their home that has more or less mystical legends.

luxo sicilia agrigento

3. Style and fashion

If the food or the personality of the local people have not convinced you, perhaps the undisputed style linked to the famous Made in Italy will entice you to spend a luxury holiday in Italy. From clothes to shoes to furnishing or accessories of all kinds; Made in Italy makes any object sublime thanks to the artisan care behind its realization. We are talking not only about top-quality materials but also productions that are often handmade. All this makes each object a unique piece, not perfectly replicated in any way, as opposed to mass production. Speaking of fashion, the following high-caliber brands don’t need an introduction: Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino, who have made fashion history all over the world.

Also, from a cultural point of view, Italians differ from region to region. Each of them is in fact a sort of small country full of diversity that has characterized them since the dawn of time. Thus, in each region (but within each of them, even in each province), a local dialect is spoken, which the inhabitants of neighboring regions often do not understand. This peculiarity is typical of Italy, and even in the case of Sardinia, the dialect is a real language that has been recognized by the European Union as a minor language.

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4. Splendid heterogeneous and uncontaminated landscapes

Not only what is “touched by the hands of Italians” is worthy of being visited. That also goes for Made in Italy products, homemade cooking or the hospitality of the locals. Italy knows how to talk about itself without too many frills even (and above all) the uncontaminated and enormously varied nature.

Despite its rather small size, Italy hides incredibly diverse natural landscapes. So, if in a region you can climb the peaks of well-known mountains stopping from time to time along the banks of the lakes (see Trentino Alto Adige, Piedmont or Friuli Venezia Giulia), in another you can lose yourself up and down hills and pastoral landscapes (like in Tuscany). Lastly, lakes lovers will not be disappointed because they have lots of options, including Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore in northern Italy and Lake Trasimeno in the centre of the country. How could we not mention the regions where it is possible to bathe in a Caribbean sea, to which we have dedicated a separate paragraph?

luxo campagne

Despite its rather small size, Italy hides incredibly diverse natural landscapes. So, if in a region you can climb the peaks of well-known mountains stopping from time to time along the banks of the lakes (see Trentino Alto Adige, Piedmont or Friuli Venezia Giulia), in another you can lose yourself up and down hills and pastoral landscapes (like in Tuscany). Lastly, lakes lovers will not be disappointed because they have lots of options, including Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore in northern Italy and Lake Trasimeno in the centre of the country. How could we not mention the regions where it is possible to bathe in a Caribbean sea, to which we have dedicated a separate paragraph?

5. A dream sea

One of the main reasons that so many visitors want to spend their luxury holidays in Italy is the possibility to combine cultural tours with moments of total relaxation, perhaps lying on white sandy beaches to observe the blue sea. In addition to the famous Sardinia, the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the whole south in general, we can also mention the Cinque Terre that until a couple of decades ago were almost unknown to Americans.

We are talking about a spectacular coastal town, characterized by five unique villages connected by complex paths. However, if you don’t like walking, it is possible to visit the Cinque Terre (except Corniglia) on a local train. It is a rather inaccessible area, perched on cliffs. There are no resorts, only B&Bs, apartments, farmhouses or small boutique hotels. Naturally, this place is perfect for fish lovers. Considering all these characteristics, the coastline of the Cinque Terre today is regarded as one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in the world, elite tourism in search of unique and unrepeatable experiences.

luxo gandolfo mare

When talking about the sea, we must inevitably mention Sicily which, in addition to the crystalline waters, offers much more. Unlike the other Italian regions, each one characteristic in its own way, Sicily is instead a microcosm that contains treasures from every point of view. It is often left out because it is very far from the famous places usually visited during a tour in the Bel Paese. However, it would be worth considering for a real and unforgettable luxury holiday in Italy.

Suffice it to mention its extraordinary combination of Greek temples, Norman churches, Roman mosaics and baroque cities. A mixture of styles and cultures that reflects thousands of years of foreign occupation.

From the breathtaking scenery of Taormina to the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento to the Cathedral of Monreale, Sicily has a range of proposals for all tastes. Even for those who are more athletic, an excursion on Mount Etna shouldn’t be missed. Also worth mentioning are the Pelagie Islands located off the coast of Sicily. Almost deserted agglomerations, outside the common routes, characterized by turquoise water and white beaches. Overall, Lampione is a truly uninhabited paradise.

6. Art and architecture

One of the reasons why you should organise a luxury trip in Italy is the art and architecture. To cite a cornerstone of these two aspects, we can only choose Florence where art and history can be felt everywhere. But in the same way as Florence, many other cities in the Bel Paese also offer visitors not only museums and galleries but also works of art outdoors and remains from an ancient era that are almost always well preserved in Italy. So from Rome to Venice, from Catania to Verona passing through Perugia, wherever you are you will be able to meet your gaze with a work of art famously known throughout the world. The big names that have made the history of the country and of which we still see traces today, to mention a few, are Berninis, Borromini, Michelangelo, Donatello, Caravaggio, Canaletto, Canova, Giotto. But there is no lack of paintings, mosaics or sculptures in palaces or churches made by local artists perhaps less known but still equally relevant for having made Italy one of travelers’ favorite destinations for art lovers.

luxo roma citta

7. History

This topic is related to the point just discussed. Italy has a huge historical legacy that differs from region to region. Thus, for example, Rome will show visitors traces of the ancient Roman empire, the papal kingdom and noble Renaissance families. Florence instead will take us through the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Medieval traces can also be found in cities such as Viterbo, Bracciano, Perugia but also Venice. While in Sardinia we can find remains of the Bronze Age with nuraghe and villages belonging to the ancient local civilization. History lovers will have difficulty choosing which destinations to visit.


8. Cities not to be missed

If instead we do not have a favorite topic, if we are art lovers and history lovers, we will orient ourselves to some precise stops opting for the evergreens of Italy, or the unmissable and more heterogeneous destinations. Therefore, stops that can satisfy your curiosity in an amalgam of various proposals and are not specifically connected to a single theme.

We are certainly talking about Rome, which has no equal anywhere in the world. It is a modern city but at the same time committed to the preservation of 2800-year-old ruins and monuments that are constantly enriched with new discoveries. At the same time, Rome also captivates with its architecture, monuments, extraordinary food and shopping opportunities. As a surplus, Rome includes a microcosm of the Vatican City with, above all, the Basilica of St. Peter and the charm of a destination within the destination.

Another unmissable city is the characteristic Venice, known because it is often flooded and therefore suggestive to visit. But of course Venice is much more; wandering the streets and moving between the islands of the lagoon by boat is in itself a peculiarity that makes this city unique. In addition to the panorama, we should add the cultural, architectural and museum heritage of this destination.

To finish the podium of unmissable cities is the beautiful and elegant Florence in Italy. It fascinates for several reasons. First of all, it is quite small, which makes it a perfect city to visit on foot. It also offers visitors high-caliber works of art in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo. Being the cradle of the Renaissance, it is rich in elements that recall this age: from art to architecture, to world-famous museums to the Uffizi and to the Academy Gallery. Of course, to all of this we have to add an unforgettable traditional cuisine.

9. Festivals and fairs

The fact that every Italian region is a sort of country in its own right, closely linked to traditions, is denoted not only in dialects or in the cuisine but also in village festivals that are almost sacred in the Bel Paese. So we can all find the festival or fair that suits us in every season. We refer to festivals often organized in honor of the local patron saint rather than in honor of typical products of an area. Some of them are really local and known almost only to the community, while others have an international reach. Examples are the Alba truffle festival which takes place every November or the Perugia chocolate festival which is in October.

luxo venezia carnevale

If you are still not convinced…

The list above has only some of the reasons why it is worthwhile to plan a luxury trip to Italy, and for each of them, we have presented some cases that are certainly not complete concerning the wide and varied offers that the Bel Paese can present us.

In fact, many other stops should be included in a hypothetical “to do list,” and some of them are so exclusive that you won’t be able to find them online. Not even Google seems to know of their existence. And these are certainly the preferred destinations for a unique and unparalleled journey, a bespoke trip, away from mass circuits and designed for high-level travelers. To learn more, download our guide.

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Where to Go for the Best Luxury Food and Wine Tours

Food and wine around the world

Gastronomy is the beating heart of every culture, embodying the local dedication to tradition and innovation. At the same time, food is able to overcome every boundary imposed by politics, geography and the like, well representing the interconnected yet diverse history of every location on our planet.

Add a series of dedicated and refined services designed for our senses to our experiences at the table, means guaranteeing an exclusive life span and contributing to the formation of unrepeatable memories. This is because luxury enogastronomic tours transcend mere taste and embrace all the senses, stimulating memorable emotions. They are one of the cornerstones that elevate a travel experience to a higher level. Let’s go on a tour around the world in search of places favored by lovers of good food and drinks.


We have now come to the Old Continent. Identifying a specific area for food and wine lovers on such a vast and heterogeneous continent is definitely impossible. Europe offers excellent food and fine wines in many of its states. This is why we cannot but divide our analysis up by citing some of the best states for those who want to experience a luxury wine and food tour.

1. Spain

When it comes to wine, there is always a bit of healthy rivalry between the various regions that produce it. The Duero valley, in the north of Spain, has much to say and give in this sense, especially for the Tempranillo grapes that grow there in abundance.

The River Duero winds through the rocky surfaces of the highlands of the Iberian Peninsula, dotted with a multitude of vines that have been cultivated there for over 2000 years. In fact, a Roman mosaic was found depicting Bacchus, the god of wine, now preserved in the small town of Baños de Valdearados. In total, in this region, which embraces four provinces, there are more than 300 cellars. Beyond the wine, the area is rich in history and culture. There are many castles to discover as well as historic villages characterized by churches and squares.

luxo galician spain

Also, in northern Spain, we find the La Rioja region, which is located halfway between Navarre, Castilla, and the Basque Country. La Rioja is small in size, however, it is famous all over the world for the quality of the wines that bear the same name.

Here there are over 500 wineries scattered throughout vast vineyards. In particular, there are small and family-run shops and industrial producers of the caliber of Bodegas Ysios and Marqués de Riscal. In addition to the wine, we can always immerse ourselves in an almost enchanted landscape made of forests, mountains, and areas similar to the lunar terrain. Do not miss the rivers that have given the valley a series of canyons. It is also worth mentioning that the legendary Camino de Santiago passes through La Rioja, which means that, in this region, there are ancient churches such as the Suso and Yuso monasteries, one of the oldest in Spain. If you want a break from vineyards and cellars, a stop in the capital of the Logroño region is recommended. Among other peculiarities of the area are the dinosaur footprints left in the archaeological sites that can be seen in Munilla, Igea, Cornago, and Enciso.

2. France

From Spain, we move on to its neighbor France and go up north, passing Paris to go to the famous Champagne vineyards. We are talking about 86 thousand acres of land dotted with vineyards cultivated primarily with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes all processed according to secret and almost “magical” processes to produce the nectar known all over the world.

The two main production centers are Reims and Epernay. While the former is considered the main place for Champagne, Epernay, located 25 km away, gives space to several wineries and productions, including international ones such as Moët & Chandon and Perrier-Jouët.

luxo champagne vineyards france

A luxury enogastronomic tour in this area obviously includes visits to the most stylish cities of the Champagne route. Speaking of Reims, do not miss its 13th-century cathedral, one of the main Gothic cathedrals in the north of France as well as a site recognized by UNESCO. Even the town of Langres, located in the southern region right on top of a hill, is a must-see. Known as the Carcassonne of the North, Langres is characterized by ancient stone buildings and is surrounded by fortifications dating back to the period between the 13th and 17th centuries.

3. Slovenia

Among the hidden jewels of this country, we find the Goriška Brda wine region located in the east of Slovenia, on the border with Italy. The landscape is characterized by hills dotted with vineyards, villages and rustic farms that reflect a traditional architecture that at times recalls the Italian style.

Not for nothing that this area is also known as the Tuscany of Slovenia.

luxo slovenia lake bled

Although it is not a noble destination, Slovenia does not disappoint those looking for a luxury wine and food tour. In fact, in this region, it is possible to bask in the sun while enjoying high-quality local wine, perhaps accompanied by typical Slovenian dishes prepared with local products.

Why not? You can also try the rare orange flavored wine. Then we can voluntarily get lost in the green Slovenian hills, enjoying the mild Mediterranean climate. And maybe approaching the Italian border, to cross it without even realizing it and find ourselves in the province of Gorizia, also characterized by high-quality wines.

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Speaking of Italy

We have mentioned Italy, so how could we not talk about it in an article presenting the best destinations for luxury wine and food tours? Here are some of the regions not to be missed for those who expect an unforgettable enogastronomic tour in Italy.

1. Liguria

The magnificent Italian Riviera has attracted beauty and luxury since the days of Byron, Shelley, and Keats, who used to spend time here, swimming and finding inspiration in what soon became famously known as the Gulf of Poets. Since the mid 20th century, even Hollywood celebrities have turned their gaze to this area. We are talking about Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Ingrid Bergman, Ernest Hemingway, and Frank Sinatra, who have contributed to the glory of Liguria, the Gulf of Poets and especially Portofino, one of the most glamorous ports in the Mediterranean.

Considering its small size, it attracts boats that aren’t excessively large. Therefore, it is one of the yacht owners’ favorite destinations because they can descend into the Piazzetta in front of the marina and take a seat at the bars or restaurants to sip the excellent local white wine. In the village, there are several boutiques dedicated to yachts, as well as jewelers and art galleries. Often being a point of passage for day tours, the area has maintained the atmosphere of exclusivity that characterizes it, especially when the sun goes down and the tourists “of the moment” leave.

luxo liguria molo cinque terre

Following the coast, you can reach Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso, five fishing villages better known as the Cinque Terre. Here we can find colorful houses grouped on terraced cliffs, alternating with gardens or fields of ancient origins. The Cinque Terre, which can be well discovered on boat tours, are renowned for their food and wine products as well as for their beauty. Also, in this area, delicate and dry high-quality white wines are produced, in addition to Sciacchetrà dessert wine, a local specialty. Naturally, these wines accompany fish, an essential part of the regional cuisine, albeit combined with herbs and vegetables that are cultivated here.

In general, Liguria is the land of olive oil, prawns, farinata, focaccia, and its majesty pesto. Each town has its own specialty and a recipe to discover while visiting wineries, oil mills, restaurants and farms that offer delicious specialties. The cornerstones of the region are the cappon magro, the chickpea panissa, cima alla genovese, ravioli di borragine, the torta verde, the trofie with pesto, the chickpea farinata and focaccia (that of Recco above all).

2. Tuscany

Few scenes are more evocative than Italy in general in the Tuscan rural environment, characterized by rolling hills dotted with stone farms and adorned with cypresses rather than vineyards. Its fame precedes it: Tuscany is the best region for lovers of food and good wine. They are both abound throughout Italy, but here they are even more special, probably thanks to the characteristic climate of an area between the Apennines and the sea. The entire region is built on a Roman and Etruscan heritage, and while the Renaissance reigns in Florence, in the countryside of the old towns, there is a charming atmosphere linked to a rustic and medieval life. This dichotomy between the Renaissance and the Middle Ages can be found almost everywhere in Tuscany, considering churches, museums, galleries dedicated to the two periods and above all the cuisine.

Among the favorite destinations, Pisa stands out, which is much more than its famous leaning tower. Also, do not miss the cathedral, the baptistery and the cemetery, which are a perfect triptych for lovers of the Middle Ages. If we move to Siena, you most definitely shouldn’t miss the piazza destined for the Palio with horses, surrounded by orange buildings and the Torre del Mangia. Elements that make it an idyllic public space.

luxo tuscany

Other favorite destinations in Tuscany are the towns that seem as though they haven’t been affected by time. We are talking about Montalcino, Pienza and San Gimignano, which stand in the middle of cultivated fields and ancient vineyards. Just like these towns, even local wine has maintained a sort of integrity over the years. This is because the inhabitants of the region are proud and very attached to their culinary traditions. Among the local wines, in particular, it is necessary to mention the Chianti, the Brunello di Montalcino and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and, on the side of the white wines, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

The typical Tuscan dishes are linked to the products of the land. Key ingredients are bread, vegetables, game, chestnuts, and fish. Famous among the main courses is ribollita, a vegetable soup (the black cabbage is not to be missed), to which stale bread is added before it is boiled again (hence the name of the dish). Turning to the latter, how could we not mention the Florentine steak (sought all over Italy for its softness despite the imposing thickness of the cooked meat) or the caciucco alla livornese, which can be enjoyed in the province of Livorno and generally on the coast?

It is mixed fish soup with tomato (the greater the variety of fish, the better the cacciucco). Castagnaccio is also exclusive to Tuscany. We are at dessert, talking about an unleavened cake made with water and chestnut flour and pine nuts, sultanas, and rosemary.

3. Umbria

This region is perfect for those who love rest and relaxation. Here we could be pampered in luxurious accommodations surrounded by beautiful countryside, then hit the roads of ancient towns without traffic. In fact, Umbria is characterized by charming medieval villages perched on the hills and magnificent historic cathedrals, as well as a traditional authentic cuisine that embraces valuable elements such as truffles. It is a perfect destination for lovers of art, food, wine, but also chocolate since the EuroChocolate Festival takes place here in Perugia in October.

It is all surrounded by unspoiled nature with hills dotted with lush vineyards and olive groves, which give way to ancient abbeys, castles, and villages.
Among the most picturesque villages, we think of Orvieto, Assisi, Citerna, Gubbio, and Perugia. Their location and the fortified walls that once protected them (which are partly still visible), allowed them to resist invaders in the past and preserve their village squares, cathedrals, fountains, and fortresses.

luxo umbria montepulciano

Other favorite destinations in Tuscany are the towns that seem as though they haven’t been affected by time. We are talking about Montalcino, Pienza and San Gimignano, which stand in the middle of cultivated fields and ancient vineyards. Just like these towns, even local wine has maintained a sort of integrity over the years. This is because the inhabitants of the region are proud and very attached to their culinary traditions. Among the local wines, in particular, it is necessary to mention the Chianti, the Brunello di Montalcino and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and, on the side of the white wines, the Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

The typical Tuscan dishes are linked to the products of the land. Key ingredients are bread, vegetables, game, chestnuts, and fish. Famous among the main courses is ribollita, a vegetable soup (the black cabbage is not to be missed), to which stale bread is added before it is boiled again (hence the name of the dish). Turning to the latter, how could we not mention the Florentine steak (sought all over Italy for its softness despite the imposing thickness of the cooked meat) or the caciucco alla livornese, which can be enjoyed in the province of Livorno and generally on the coast?

It is mixed fish soup with tomato (the greater the variety of fish, the better the cacciucco). Castagnaccio is also exclusive to Tuscany. We are at dessert, talking about an unleavened cake made with water and chestnut flour and pine nuts, sultanas, and rosemary.

4. Sicily

Contrary to what one might think, plants grow on the volcanic hills of Etna. Indeed, this land is exploited for the cultivation of vineyards that can absorb various nutrients from it. Coming down from its slopes and approaching the valleys, we can find orange and olive groves. In short, Sicily tickles the palate from different points of view, and the local gastronomy knows how to making your mouth water with excellent traditional dishes. The local cuisine is difficult to associate with only one dish, this is also because of the historical influences of different cultures (from the Phoenicians to the Spaniards up to the Greeks). Of course, speaking of wine, we cannot fail to mention the succulent notes of various local cellars.

In addition to the food, Sicily is rich in artistic and architectural treasures. An example is Palermo with its old city, the ancient city of Segesta known for the remains of an imposing Doric temple, Marsala with its extraordinary dishes, Agrigento with the famous Valley of the Temples and fascinating Syracuse. Of course, do not miss Taormina with its extraordinary Greco-Roman amphitheater.

luxo sicilia cannoli

Getting into more detail, lovers of good wine in Sicily should not miss the most extensive production area located in the western part of the island, in the provinces of Trapani and Palermo, where they produce Marsala, Alcamo, and numerous versions of the Contessa Entellina Doc. In the south-eastern part, between Ragusa and Siracusa, the only DOCG of Sicily is produced, the Cerasuolo di Vittoria. In the province of Catania, the volcanic soil at the foot of Etna allows the cultivation of the homonymous DOC.

On the gastronomic front, on the other hand, it is really difficult to choose which dishes are not to be missed in such a varied and tasty cuisine. Among the most delicious typical dishes, we should mention the cassata, Palermo’s Easter cake par excellence made with ricotta, marzipan, chocolate, sponge cake, and candied fruit. Always among the desserts, the cannoli are filled with candied fruit, chocolate drops, and sheep’s ricotta.

On the hypothetical podium of the unmissable dishes, we also put the arancino, a sort of breaded rice ball, fried and stuffed with peas, tomato or meat sauce. You should also try the tasty eggplant parmigiana which includes boiled eggs, salami, cheese, and tomato. The eggplants are also found in the caponata, which contains all the flavor of typical Sicilian products such as green olives, onion, and capers from Pantelleria. Finally, we want to mention one of the typical Sicilian foods par excellence: bread and panelle, a sandwich filled with chickpea flour hotcakes.

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South America above all is the best location for those who intend to organize a luxury wine and food tour. In fact, some of the best proposals in the culinary field are in this very wide region that includes top restaurants as well as mouth-watering street food. There really is something for everyone. It is possible, in this sense, to organize an exciting journey to discover hectic cities alternated with vineyards, where relaxation reigns supreme, enlivened with gastronomic promises that will not disappoint. Taking a tour of South America to discover the best destinations, regions, and experiences in terms of food and wine would bring us closer to incredible culinary specialties and some of the best wines in the world.

luxo america meat

For example, don’t miss the old Uruguay wineries or the vibrant Buenos Aires cuisine, before moving on to Mendoza and the Chilean wine region, where you can make a real comparison between these two important wine-producing areas. And then down to Peru to the misty mountains of Machu Picchu, perhaps aboard the luxurious Hiram Bingham train, also renowned for its high-quality cuisine. On your way back, always aboard the train, you can reach Cusco, which has local markets, where you can find what you need to make excellent Peruvian food firsthand. Also, on this tour, we suggest a stop in Lima, known as the culinary capital of Latin America. Here you can find some of the most renowned restaurants in the country. Finally, how could we not mention the irresistible Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo for a dip in Brazilian culture and flavor?


On this Continent, when thinking about a luxury wine and food tour we consider first and foremost New Zealand, a renowned wine-producing region. For most of us, the most common image of southern New Zealand is the discovery of bays, beaches, and islets with lush vegetation by boat. This is the peculiarity of the Marlborough Sounds area, characterized by valleys traced by old underground rivers now submerged under the Pacific Ocean. The still-emerging lands are accessible only by sea; among them are over 50 nature reserves. The lay of the land is particularly inviting for kayakers who can, in total autonomy, discover creeks, go out on a fishing excursion or stop on a beach to walk up the paths to scenic spots.

luxo oceania boat

After visiting this area, heading towards the south-east, you can find one of the largest internationally recognized wine-producing regions. Here it is possible to try the different wines, among which the famous Sauvignon Blanc stands out. If your intention is to visit the wine region in its full glory, our suggestion is to visit it in the spring, from September to November. We recommend visiting in the summer, from December to February, if you prefer hiking and swimming in the cool waters of the fjords. In autumn, from March to May, you can see their crops and wine producers are at work. This is good wine and food lovers’ favorite season. Lastly, the winter is calm and perfect for excursions on foot or by boat followed by evenings in the light of a hearth.


From Oceania leap to Africa, which certainly cannot be experienced in only one trip. Wanting to focus on a luxury wine and food tour, a hypothetical journey would start in Cape Town, with its unparalleled cultural scene. From there we would move on to the surrounding vineyards to enjoy superb wine in a high-end rural environment. The tour would obviously also include a stop at Kruger park for an unforgettable safari. But let’s concentrate on the countryside dotted with vineyards. We are in the Winelands, one of the most historic areas of South Africa, where the Dutch conquerors took root. For this reason, today, this once colonized area is characterized by well-kept small towns with colonial and mostly white buildings in contrast with the lush green fields, forests, and vineyards.

luxo africa food

There are lots of vineyards to visit here, from the smaller ones with boutique-like wine shops, where we can be welcomed directly by the owner, to more modern and large estates. For a self-respecting luxury wine and food tour, it is possible to tell the vineyard owners that we will would like to stick with our personal preferences so we can try wines in line with our tastes. Wine lovers tend to visit the towns of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl.

A luxury enogastronomic tour in Italy

As the inhabitants of the country say, the best way to get to know and discover Italy at its best is to taste it, discovering its typical dishes and most exclusive wines. Italian culinary culture, as we have also seen in the few examples mentioned above, varies enormously from region to region, so much so that it is not possible to trace a homogeneous profile of the whole country from this point of view.

For example, if you are a lover of pasta and pizza, it is obviously worth visiting Naples, Rome and the whole south. On the other hand, if you prefer meat, Tuscany is a must. Sicily has incredible fruits of the earth, as well as the sea with an exceptional catch. But do not forget the delicious desserts.

luxo luxury tour

Emilia Romagna, on the other hand, is one of the most famous regions from a gastronomic point of view for its Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Prosciutto, Balsamic vinegar but also for incredible homemade specialties such as tortellini. If instead of food we talk about wine, we are also spoiled with choices. Every region has its own typical and renowned bottle of wine.

Whether it is white or red wine or sparkling wine, Italian wine will satisfy your every request and requirement, so much so that the tours related to food or wine have been considered a priority for foreign travelers visiting this country for years. On the other hand, the combination of good food and good wine is for many the quintessence of romance that Italy is permeated with. The food and wine tours allow you to get to know the characteristic tradition of each region and more generally allow you to discover Italy beyond its art and its architecture.

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