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Bespoke Services

Our clients enjoy a variety of privileges while traveling, which often include room upgrades, late check-out, special meals, reservations at Michelin-starred restaurants and ultra-chic spas.

As our client you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of privileges during your travels in Italy. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

Room upgrades, late check-outs, special meals, and reservations at truly authentic restaurants.

What’s more, if you desire true luxury we’ll be more than willing to arrange exclusive services for you – hire personal shoppers, have private yacht charters rented for you, travel in a jet or helicopter, take cooking lessons, get private tours, and much more besides.

Why would we go to all this trouble?

Because when you choose Luxo Italia as your luxury travel agency, we consider it our responsibility to ensure you experience the very best possible levels of comfort right from the start, up until the moment you return home. We make Italy luxury journeys the way they were meant be made

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Go On a VIP Tour of the Uffizi Gallery

Get access to one of the most famous museums in the world as early as 8am in the morning, so you get an uninterrupted, practically private tour. You’ll be able to see masterpieces by Giotto, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo at your own pace, without the distractions of crowds.


Have a VIP Tour of the Vatican After Hours

Did you know that during a normal day more than 2000 people can be found in the Sistine Chapel? Why settle for viewing amidst this mass of people, when privileged access is available? We'll set up an early or late Vatican tour for you which will guarantee you miss the crowds.

Relax on a Private Yacht

Enhance your stay by travelling to seaside towns like Cinque Terre or Portofino courtesy of your very own glamorous yacht charter. You’ll get to see the Italian Riviera up close and personal.

Rent a Luxury Car

Drive a supercar through the picturesque Italian countryside – Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, and more are all available. This ultimate indulgence will leave you with a memory for life.

Have a Nanny Service Arranged

Give your children the best possible care during your visit to Italy! We’ll handle all the arrangements for you.

Get Pampered

In the mood for a beauty and spa break? Then you’re in luck – as part of your tailor made luxury vacation in Italy we’ll be able to book you into the country’s best Spa and Wellness centres.



Travel in Private Jets and Helicopters

If you request it we can hire a private jet or helicopter for you in order to facilitate swift transportation between Italy and the rest of Europe, and beyond.

Meet Your Very Own Personal Shopper

Personal shopping tours can be arranged and tailored to your particular tastes. Your guide will take you to the best boutiques, designer shops, and outlets. During this trip they’ll ensure you receive all the assistance and catering you could desire.

Receive Night Time Destination Recommendations

Want to party at night while you’re in Italy? Luxo Italia’s professionals can tell you all about the premium spots that attract those with any taste you care to name.

Order Opera and Theatre Tickets

Some of the most internationally famous opera houses and theatres in the world are based in Venice, Milan and Naples. Pick us as your luxury travel agency and we’ll add tickets to the best shows onto your vacation package.

Revel in Authentic Outlet Shopping

Luxo Italia can compile a list of the leading fashion outlets you can visit in Italy. In fact, we can set you on a private shopping tour, during which you’ll be able to buy as many high quality clothes and unique items as you like. Tailor made luxury vacations in Italy have never been more comprehensive!

Enjoy Leisure Activities Such as Golfing and Skiing

With our special golf holiday package you’ll be able to treat yourself to a stay at one of Tuscany’s best hotels while you play at the stupendous La Bagnaia Golf Resort, which has an 18-hole course. Plus, we’ll also be able to organise visits to world-class mountain resorts for you – incredible skiing. Fantastic food. And views to take your breath away.

Go On Winery Tours

Luxury wine tours provide an outstanding opportunity to discover the true essence of this beautiful country. Travel along idyllic wine roads, see picturesque vineyards, and view historic castles. The travel experts at Luxo Italia have handpicked the best wineries in Tuscany for you, and you’ll have private cellar tours during which you’ll taste the finest wines. After these tours you’ll be taken to local gourmet restaurants, and then be transported to safari tours in the countryside via helicopter. Of course, all of these unique and engaging trips can be personalised to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Be Treated Like a True VIP at the Airport

We’ll guarantee that you’ll be treated with the level of respect you deserve during both arrivals and departures. Don’t forget, our staff are specially trained to deal with all kinds of travel issues such as those at checkpoints, and those caused by flight disruptions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling in a group or solo, they’ll be able to help you in the same discreet and courteous manner.

Eat at truly authentic Italian Restaurants

Luxo Italia organizes diners at some of the most exceptional and authentic restaurants in Italy. Discover our list of selected Michelin-starred restaurants. We hand picked them for you! Restaurants honored with such an award live up to the ultimate standard of fine dining service and food quality. For a meal to remember, splash out on an haute cuisine experience at one of our selected Michelin-starred restaurants.

Get Exceptional Concierge Solutions

Did you know that Luxo Italia is a leading provider of lifestyle management solutions? We’ve delivered bespoke personal and corporate concierge solutions to discerning clientele around the globe. How have we managed this?

Through our insider knowledge and strong presence in the industry – whatever you want, Luxo Italia has the experience and resources to make your dreams a reality.

Take Advantage of Our Excellent Travel App

You can now view your itinerary at any time you like on your device – you don’t even have to be connected to the internet! Through this application you’ll also be able to get in touch with your personal assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, change restaurant bookings, and more. Got a special request? Text us! We'll get started making it happen.


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