Exclusive Amalfi Coast Yacht Package 

Kickstart your summer vacation in Italy with our limited edition six night luxury Amalfi Coast yacht package. We’ve combined the best of what the Amalfi Coast and surrounding islands have to offer, while prioritizing your safety and keeping the current protocols in mind, to create a luxury package you don’t want to miss. This exclusive package allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Italian coastline in five star luxury and the iconic surrounding islands from the deck of your own private yacht. Read on for a glimpse of where you’ll eat, sleep and explore.





Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi 

From the moment you set foot in the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, there’s no denying its majesty. With crisp, neutral lines and sumptuous comforts, this little piece of paradise has done an exceptional job of letting the view take centre stage. Breathe in the fresh sea air from your own private balcony or enjoy a glass of prosecco on the expansive pool deck.  Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi is renowned for its hospitality and location, and we think it’s the perfect introduction to this exclusive package. You’ll spend two nights in this spectacular hotel, before the next exciting leg of the journey. 



Princess 65 Private Yacht

Let the worries of the year melt away as you climb aboard the beautiful Princess 65 Private Yacht complete with your own private crew and specialised itinerary. The Princess 65 is complete with all the luxuries and amenities you’d expect from a five star hotel, but with a view of the crystal clear waters like no other. The Princess 65 offers the freedom to enjoy the coast both by sea and by foot, with the captain stopping for whatever you please. Whether it be a walk through the winding streets, a dip in the clear blue water, or a tour of the Li Galli Island, your private crew is there to ensure you make the most of this iconic location. The yacht will dock at various sites over the course of three nights, offering the perfect base from which to explore different aspects of a much-loved destination. 


Luxury Amalfi Coast Yacht Package


Capo Gala

Before returning home, you’ll rest your head in the magnificent Capo Gala in Vico Equense. Five star luxury directly on the water’s edge, Capo Gala is a fitting conclusion to this exclusive Amalfi Coast package. From the Infinity Suite,  you can watch the sunset over the Gulf in your private swimming pool with the waves as your soundtrack.





Chef Table at Palazzo Avino

Picture an intimate dinner cooked especially for you by a world renowned chef. The Chef Table at Palazzo Avino is one of the most exclusive and exciting dining experiences on the Amalfi Coast. Situated in a private section of the restaurant, you can truly enjoy the company of the one you love. The menu is truly unique, and is modelled off  an ancient Neapolitan game, La Tombola, which resembles bingo. We guarantee that it’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. 



Monzu Restaurant 

Take a seat at the elegant Monzu restaurant overlooking the Faraglioni after a day of exploring in the sun. There, you’ll feast on a Michelin star menu by the extraordinary Chef Lionetti. The airy atmosphere created by the high ceilings and beautifully framed views are the ultimate addition to your evening meal.



Torre Del Saracino

Torre Del Saracino is the epitome of traditional Italian elegance with two Michelin stars to prove it! The creations by the famous chef Gennaro Esposito are a sight to behold. Not only are they a mouthwatering flavour journey, but they are also meticulously constructed works of art – offering a feast for all the senses. 





Private tour of Ravello

Beauty comes naturally to Ravello, just like its love of art and music. Ravello’s stately villas and cliff-edge gardens have been attracting the world’s greatest artists to this tiny Italian town some 350 meters above the Mediterranean Sea for centuries. Your own private tour guide will unlock parts of this iconic city that not many people are lucky enough to see. 


Luxury Amalfi Coast Yacht Package


Procida Island

The Island of Procida, which was voted one of the Italian Capital of Culture for 2022, was created by the eruption of four volcanoes and the beauty with which it was created is apparent still today. This colourful, charming island is home to Terra Murata, a medieval village built on its highest point with an incredible view on the Gulf of Naples. The island is rich with history and we highly recommend taking a tour of the local palaces and art galleries.

Luxury Amalfi Coast Yacht Package


Ischia Island

Right before heading back to real life, discover the island of Ischia with its unmissable Aragonese castle and the district of Sant’Angelo, the pearl of the island. In Ischia, it feels like there’s something new around every corner. 



We’ve outlined a small glimpse of what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind package. If you’re interested to find out more, get in touch with the Luxo Italia team today and take advantage of this exclusive offer. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. 


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