Five Best Kept Secrets of Luxury Travel in Italy 

Whether you’re an experienced traveller or you’re new to luxury travel in Italy, there’s nothing that beats visiting an undiscovered gem. In a country where quality is built into the very fabric of the culture, it follows that there are a plethora of incredible spots just waiting to be discovered. We’ve rounded up the five best kept secrets of luxury travel in Italy to give you a taste of what you might find when you look beyond the most obvious choice. 


San Gimignano, Tuscany


Nestled atop a hill southwest of Florence, the walled city of San Gimignano is a standout among luxury destinations in Italy. A visit to this quaint town offers the chance to revel in the medieval architecture and a history that is still preserved in its thick stone walls that date back to the 13th century. San Gimignano is off-the-beaten track, so you won’t find it teeming with tourists. You can stroll the ancient streets like a local and soak up the unparalleled beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage site




Monferrato Astigiano 


If you’ve ever thought of paying the beautiful Langhe a visit, we recommend trying Monferrato Astigiano instead. If it’s truffles you’re after, it’s a lovely choice for anyone looking to avoid the usual crowds. The area is well known for its exceptional cuisine and viticultural history. Since this destination is lesser known, there are glimpses of the region’s history and traditions that remain intact — offering a unique experience for even the most seasoned traveller. When looking for accommodation, we recommend opting for the luxurious private villas that are scattered throughout the region.


Alberobello, Puglia


When even considering a trip to Puglia, one thing locals will tell you not to miss is the chance to visit the trulli. These structures made of white-washed stone and topped with conical roofs are unlike anything you’ve likely seen and are specific to the Puglia region. Alberobello has the highest concentration of these structures and, as such, offers an interesting look into the history of architecture and development. A trip to this fascinating town will offer a different take on the more classic Italy itinerary. 




Lake Orta


Lesser known than some of Italy’s other lakes, the tranquil shores of Lake Orta are nothing short of postcard perfect. The lake is surrounded by thick, green forest and towering mountains which offer the ideal backdrop for a luxurious getaway. Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating spa day or to explore the surrounding trails by foot, there’s a host of activities that make Lake Orta an epic destination. Not only is Lake Orta easy on the eyes, but it’s home to some of the most incredible luxury accommodation. Top of our list is the exquisite Villa Crespi. Experience five star luxury on the shores of Lake Orta in this 19th century villa fit for a king. Indulge in the breathtaking architecture, sumptuous decor and unparalleled setting in this villa that epitomises luxury travel in Italy. What’s more, the villa is home to Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo’s 2-star Michelin restaurant, so not only will you be sleeping like a king, you’ll be dining like one too. 



Montefalco, Spello and Assisi


Step back in time and take a tour of Umbria’s spectacular medieval towns. All within a comfortable distance from one another, Montefalco, Spello and Assisi are perfect for anyone with an interest in where the past meets the present. Each village has its own unique offering and it’s interesting to compare the differences between them. We challenge you not to fall in love with Spello, a town dubbed one of the most beautiful in all of Italy, while you wander it’s cobble-stoned streets. In Montefalco, be sure not to miss a chance to taste the scrumptious red wine Sagrantino that grows in the region. Assisi has long been seen as an international symbol of peace and when you step into the churches and basilicas it’s not hard to see why. We recommended combining this day trip with our Umbria Yoga Retreat package




If you’re looking to experience authentic luxury travel in Italy but you’re unsure where to start, get in touch with our team and discuss a custom built itinerary that best suits your unique travel needs.