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We will assign you a dedicated personal assistant. Our travel specialist will arrange an initial phone consultation or exchange emails with you to better understand your specific interests and vacation preferences. Thanks to their expertise and in-depth knowledge they will craft a unique itinerary and proposed list of activities.


After your itinerary is refined to perfection, you will then book it. We will then confirm all services and coordinate all logistics – including 24/7 support throughout your trip.



A non-refundable deposit 30% of the tour cost per person is to be forwarded with your completed booking form in order to secure your reservation. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt by Luxo Italia of the deposit, and payment by the tour participant of such deposit is confirmation that the tour participant understands, accepts and agrees to these terms and conditions.


The balance is due 60 days prior to the start of the tour. If the participant fails to pay the balance due 60 days prior to the tour start date, Luxo Italia reserves the right to cancel the booking and keep any deposits paid.

If a booking is made less than 60 days prior to the start of a tour the full amount for the tour is payable at the time of booking.


We accept payment by credit card (Visa,Mastercard or Amex) or EFT (electronic funds transfer). Confirmation of your booking is made on receipt of your deposit, either when your credit card is authorized or your bank transfer is received by our bank. If payment is made by bank transfer, you are responsible for any fees. If payment is made by credit card, we add a 3 percent surcharge to your payment . 


At the booking we usually require a deposit of 30% of the total value of the package. 60 days before departure you will have to pay the rest of the balance. If the booking is made less than 60 days before departure we will ask for the payment in full of the package. We accept all the major credit cards without extra fees and bank transfers. We can also arrange installments for personalized payment.


Just imagine this!!

Coffee and jasmine blossoms. Freshly-picked strawberries. Warm pastries in the morning. Margherita pizza, slightly burnt on the edges. Basil. Salty breezes. Dry soil from the vineyards. Unique pieces of art and a frozen Limoncello at midnight.


Yourself smiling. Sun on your back. Your feet in the water. Lemon gelato on your lips. Cobblestones under your feet. Local friends walking with you. A glass of wine, breathtaking views and a beautiful sunset.Space for daydreaming.

Enjoy your Italian experience and bring back home ever lasting memories!


After your trip we’ll invite you to write a review, so you can help other travelers with your candid feedback. For the reviews we use Facebook, because we believe in transparency and on Facebook you can easily see if a review is fake or not.


We're Your "In" to Italian Secrets

In Italy, connections are everything. It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. And we know [almost] everything and everyone. Your guidebook doesn't know our secrets. We believe that there is no better way to experience a new country and its culture getting in touch with authentic local people. We know the best food, hotels, cocktails and where to shop in drop-dead gorgeous places. We are your Italian friend!

We save you money

Thanks to our connections not only you get access to trusted and carefully selected providers, but you also get better prices. We know all the tourist traps and we will help you to avoid them. Stop wasting money on over rated and unsightly places. With us you will get access to authentic experiences, hotels and restaurants that you won’t need to make any change or spend additional money to recover from a bad choice. 

Free room upgrades, spa credits, food and beverage credits, exclusive or priority access to attractions and added amenities are just a few of the things that we can get for you.  Add in hard-to-get restaurant reservations and you will have a lot more value for your travel money. (Ever wonder why the couple in the room next to yours got champagne and you didn't?)

Heart centred service

You’re not just another reservation number: you’re an honored guest. No matter what time of day or night (even 3am), you can count on us. Our CEO is always happy to meet and greet personally our guests to introduce them to our country. We love to make new friends because at the end of the day travelling is also this: meeting new culture and new people. Welcome to our family!


If you are looking to savor the flavors and traditions of the finest Italian cuisine, look no further than our outstanding restaurant guide.

We have travelled the country, eating in every city and small town, finding restaurants that will satisfy the most discerning palate. We know them all: from the Michelin-starred restaurants to those hidden local Trattoria that are famous for their classic recipes, using the freshest local produce from small farms – and usually fully-booked to a faithful local clientele. Our knowledge and contacts enable us to open doors and secure tables where others cannot.


This is something unique that you won’t find anywhere else. We love to surprise our guests with beautiful welcome gifts, bonus activities and unexpected surprises that will make your trip a life-time experience. Trust us, we will exceed your expectations!


Instead of searching blindly on the Internet for hours, days, or even weeks – depending on the complexity of the travel plans – you can have an expert do the research for you, with your personal needs in mind.


If anything should go wrong during your trip, you can rely on us to assist you.  We will suggest and arrange alternate travel arrangements, help you to deal with any travel emergency you may have, and put you in touch with the right local people to answer your needs. If a flight is cancelled, a piece of luggage gets lost, a passport is stolen or a grandchild falls ill with a high fever on foreign soil we get you covered. 24/7


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