Luxury itinerary for the travel of a lifetime.

You’ve planned a wedding, walked down the aisle, and said, “I do.” Now, it’s time to celebrate with the one you love! The only place to for this is: Italy Honeymoon. There are sites, history, romance, and best of all, gourmet and luxury cuisine. Luxo Italia has your itinerary covered. You’ve already planned a whole wedding, let us give you the honeymoon of your dreams in Italy!

Italy Honeymoon in Venice

Nothing says love quite like Venice. With the Grand Classic Travel Package, stay in the luxurious 5-star Londra Palace. Enjoy stunning views of San Marco Basin in one of the 52 luxury suites the hotel offers. Unwind after your day of travel in marble bathrooms. See how traditional Venetian beauty elevates your stay into something magical. All honeymoons in Italy should carry a touch of magic! After you destress and unpack in your room, enjoy a romantic rooftop dinner. There, celebrate with your one true love as you overlook the gorgeous city. Venice is waiting for you to explore! Relax as even your wine choices are perfectly catered to your tastes as well as your meal! 

The next day, venture into Venice with a private tour. There explore quaint cafes and marvel at spectacular golden mosaics. You have plenty of time to sneak away to one of the hidden spiraling golden staircases with your love. You’ve explored the gorgeous cobblestone streets, now enjoy a classic gondola ride. Be serenaded under the stars as you relax with the love of your life. That’s what a honeymoon in Italy is meant to be!

Ultimate Tuscany Travel Package

For every wine lover, there’s a trip that’s perfect for you. Journey to Florence with the Ultimate Tuscany Travel Package! Start your Italy honeymoon  by falling into bed at the J.K Place Florence. Located in central Florence, this boutique hotel is classically elegant. But, the J.K Place Florence manages to impart a sense of modern design in every room. Once you’ve had your fair share of relaxing in the luxurious sheets, venture out into the cobblestone streets! Florence’s architecture makes you feel like you’re walking in an open-air museum. Sit in beautiful cafes while seeing the mopeds zoom by or indulge in a shopping experience. After all, you’re in Florence on your honeymoon!

One of the things you have to experience in Florence is the art. The entire city is a museum! Enjoy a private tour of ​​Accademia and see for yourself Michelangelo’s masterpiece, the David. There, learn for yourself how he was created and why millions come to see the wonder every year. Then, visit Uffizi Galleries to marvel at Botticelli’s Venus. Best of all, the private tour means seeing every work of art is hassle-free! You can truly enjoy everything the city has to offer. Specifically, enjoy your honeymoon with the person who means the most to you. No strangers allowed! 

Amalfi Coast and Capri Itinerary

In Italy, there’s a little bit of everything for your honeymoon! With the Amalfi Coast and Capri Itinerary, experience the coast of Italy. Know for yourself why Venus, the goddess of love, emerged from the sea. There, relax on private boats. After, have a romantic rooftop dinner with Panoramic views. Then, take in the seascape like you only can in Italy!

Start your honeymoon at the boutique hotel Casa Angelina. Its minimalistic and white decor adds a level of serenity. The decor allows your only focus to be on the sea and the person you love. Get ready to dress up! You’re then whisked away to a rooftop dinner. Enjoy wine and stunning views as you watch the sun dip below the Amalfi Coast. See how the stars in the night sky twinkle and set the mood for a perfect honeymoon. The next day, hop on your private boat and jet from hidden beach to hidden beach. Find a tiny slice of paradise on the golden sands that you’ll remember for a lifetime. This pre-planned itinerary is your breath of fresh air. So relax, you deserve it. End your day with an authentic Italian meal, one that would make any grandmother proud. See the cuisine the real Italy offers, and create memories and meals to recreate with your one and only.

Every honeymoon should happen in Italy. Luxo Italia loves love and is ready to make it happen. All packages are available now! If you’re looking for something more or less, they’re entirely customizable. Tell us what you want, and Luxo Italia will do the rest. Your itinerary is planned, your flights are booked, and your Italy honeymoon awaits!