Luxury Travel for a Changing World

The world has seen an immense change and while we are still in the process of recovering, we are also committed to showcasing the best exclusive luxury travel Italy has to offer. More than ever, it’s become apparent that real luxury is having the peace of mind to enjoy your downtime and it’s our job to make carefree travel a reality. We’re dedicated to delivering the most exclusive experiences and the pinnacle of privacy so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Pack your bag and grab your passport, we’ll take care of the rest.

Italy Private Tours

In our promise to keep you inspired and dreaming during this time, we’ve highlighted how you can get the most out of your next trip in a new and changing world. From private transportation to secluded accommodation options in Italy, we’ll design a trip that puts your safety first without compromising on the level of luxury you deserve.


Getting Around

By air

We’re dedicated to customising your journey, every step of the way. Chartering a private plane is the perfect way to have full control of where you go and who you encounter along the way. A private jet offers an increased level of flexibility to stay as long as you like and really enjoy each individual destination at your own pace. While our partners in private aviation Luna Jets understand the need for space and privacy, they will offer a warm welcome and see to all your in-flight needs.

Private Jet Italy


By sea

Travelling by sea from one destination to another is a great way to get the most out of your luxury escape while keeping a safe distance. Even when moving between destinations, you’re experiencing the beauty of the coast first-hand. Chartering a yacht is one of the best ways to see the exquisite Amalfi coast and it gives you the flexibility to avoid the crowds and enjoy the more secluded parts of this iconic destination. Soak up some sun, and a view of the coast that not many people are privy to, while you travel from one spot to the next.

Yacht travel amalfi

Where to Stay


A Private Villa in Siena

Without an office to go into, our office views have the potential to be whatever we choose them to be. There’s no reason why that view can’t be of the lush vineyards around Siena. Booking out an exclusive villa like the stunning Sant Antonio is a fantastic way to give you and your family the space you need while also enjoying the luxury of a change of scenery. We’ll help you find the spot that suits all your needs, from super-fast WiFi, to the ideal home-working setup. We’ll also help you incorporate the beauty and culture of the region into your daily life, like finding the perfect blend of coffee for your morning espresso, and sourcing the finest wines for your after-work drink. There’s no reason why you can’t experience the luxury of an Italian getaway between meetings.

Luxury Private Villa Italy

An Exclusive Suite in Lake Como

Whether you’re solo travelling looking for a change of scenery while working on a new project or a family wanting to experience the lake on the weekends without disrupting your week, there’s something for everyone at Il Sereno. Each suite enjoys its own waterfront terrace so you can soak up the tranquility of the lake without interruption. The team at Il Sereno offers a seamless balance of privacy and luxury that ensures you have everything you need to take in the extraordinary Lake Como experience. Each suite is set up to accommodate a working environment if necessary and each suite offers something a little different. Il Sereno has also recently reopened their exclusive Villa Pliniana which is the pinnacle of private luxury travel in Italy.

Luxury Private Tours Italy

We at Luxo Italia are constantly striving to re-imagine privacy and the bespoke experience in order to provide the best exclusive luxury travel Italy has to offer. Get in touch with us today to see how best to incorporate the beauty of Italy into your unique lifestyle.

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