Covid-19 Travel Update

The escalation of the Covid-19 virus has left a lot of questions and concerns around planning travel. Luxo Italia would like to support all our clients in whatever way we can during this unprecedented time.   A Note from our Founders “We are facing one of the biggest crises since WW2. Unfortunately, this virus will […]

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5 Spots to Say ‘I Do’: The Ultimate Amalfi Coast Wedding Guide

There’s no better place to start the rest of your lives together than atop a cliff overlooking the azure blue of the Amalfi Coast. With unparalleled beauty, a tantalizing wine selection and world renowned cuisine, a wedding along this extraordinary coastline already has all the ingredients for a perfect celebration. That being said, choosing a […]

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72 Hour Florence Itinerary

Known for being the birthplace of the Renaissance and the architectural center of Italy, walking through the city of Florence is like walking through an open-air museum. The moment you step through the city walls you can feel the magic of this cultural epicenter. With something exquisite around every corner, a long weekend in Florence […]

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Private Tours To Italy: Here Are Our Top 30 Destinations

There are experiences to try, secrets to discover and enchanted places to admire. There is a means and a way to experience Italy! This is why we have selected our 30 best destinations for a luxury trip to Italy for you.

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Best Luxury Vacations For Couples (For The Whole Year)

Whether you are going on a honeymoon, planning a romantic marriage proposal or celebrating your anniversary, these spectacular destinations are a great starting point for planning your dream getaway.

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9 Reasons To Spend Your Luxury Vacations In Italy

For years, Italy has been one of the favorite destinations of travelers from all over the world. Culture, beauty, food, wine and history: this small European country has such versatile offers that it knows how to satisfy any expectation.

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Where to Go for the Best Luxury Food and Wine Tours

Gastronomy is the beating heart of every culture, embodying the local dedication to tradition and innovation. At the same time, food is able to overcome every boundary imposed by politics, geography and the like, well representing the interconnected yet diverse history of every location on our planet.

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