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Despite the country’s popularity, there are still quiet corners of The Boot where tranquility prevails and frenetic mobs are all but nonexistent.

Any aspiring traveler making their way to Italy knows that the hot spots to visit include the amazing sites of Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, and maybe even Naples. Don’t get us wrong, the Colosseum and the Vatican City are a must-see for anyone’s bucket list, but these aren’t the only places that will leave you breathless. Italy is so geographically diverse that there is no traveling to a different city and feeling like you won’t see or learn anything new. The bel paese is full of small nooks and cities that will blow you away, you just have to know where to find these hidden gems!


Savelletri, Matera and Ostuni

Puglia, the region on the heel of Italy’s boot, is dotted with beautiful small towns in shades of white and gold, with unique architecture like the conical trulli of Alberobello and the extravagant baroque of Lecce.

From 6300€ per person
7 Nights / 8 Days

Palermo, Agrigento and Syracuse

Sicily has enticed the Greeks, the Romans, and so many travellers throughout the centuries – just as it will entice you with our 5-star itinerary. Luxurious hotels offer private terraces with views of the Ionian Sea.

From 6500€ per person
9 Nights / 10 Days

Orvieto, Assisi and Perugia

This seven-day art and wine tour of Umbria will immerse you in all the romance that this vibrant region has to offer. Umbria is easy to miss for those that have never been, but unforgettable for those that have.

From 5500€ per person
7 Nights / 8 Days

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