When it comes to planning a journey that is just right for you, there is no substitute for working alongside an expert — Leave the stress of travel planning in these troubling times to Luxo Italia and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

See for yourself how easy it is to create the journey of your dreams with us:

Tell us about your ideal journey, your budget, interests, preferences, style, and more

Make your journey your own. Unlimited round of revisions until you are 100% happy

Travel with around the clock Luxo Italia support. We’re available 24/7 by phone, whatsapp or email.

Luxury Packages

Looking to experience a real taste of all that Italy has to offer but don’t know where to begin? We’ve travelled far and wide, and have carefully crafted eight tried and tested luxury Italy travel packages that showcase the best of this iconic destination.

Our packages include luxury accommodation, exceptional cuisine, private guides, exclusive access to popular sites and top class transfers. Our pricing for Luxury Packages begins at €800 per person per night and varies depending on location and season. Send us your travel dates and number of guests and we’ll get back to you with a personalised quote.

Luxury Activities

This is our entry level product. We offer a host of day trips and experiences designed to show our guests the multiple facets of a country we’re passionate about. From delectable wine tasting in the Tuscan countryside to learning the secrets of the Venetian kitchen in a dedicated cooking class, there are many ways to enjoy this exquisite destination.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to experience your favourite Italian city, you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’d like to get a taste of travel with Luxo Italia, we’re looking forward to hearing from you! Get in touch to find out more about our memorable experiences in Italy.

Who We Are


Paul Lewis


Andrea Degasperi

Paul Lewis

My name is Paul and in spite of the name, I’m Italian, on my mother’s side. My mother passed on her passion and love for great gastronomy to me, while my father (of British nationality) passed on a strong sense of practicality and precision. 

This multicultural mix perfectly matched my eclectic spirit, leading me to an “exploratory” life. Even after my first trip to the USA (during my childhood), I realized I was destined to travel far and wide without interruption. Currently, I can consider myself a sort of global nomad, always looking for the beauty and exclusivity the world can offer.

In addition, I became a restaurant expert and a fine wine connoisseur, two passions that I love to cultivate in my free time, as well as making the most use of them for my work. I like to design (and try) itineraries for the most refined tastes as well as for the most adventurous, in accordance with my own passions. The same ones that led me to found Luxo Italia with my great friend Andrea.

Andrea Degasperi

I love traveling the world, it is my greatest passion. I take great pride in my authentic Italic roots, which have made me, and could not be otherwise, a fan of the multi-faceted Italian cuisine and its high-quality wines

Before becoming a co-founder of Luxo Italia, I experienced several work experiences in the hospitality industry that, combined with my passion for travel, proved to be fundamental in leading me to start this adventure with Paul.

Factors reinforced by my desire to work with and for people. The radical knowledge of the territory and the great empathy that I share with my partner and friend Paul allows us to design trips and itineraries capable of responding to the needs of every client in whom we instill our passion and experience100% Italian.

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