As an Executive & Administrative Assistant, I coordinate numerous aspects of my boss’ work life and private life. He’s a corporate manager at a Wealth Management Company. His life is very hectic and busy, and his agenda is always full. Mr. Hamilton often travels for work, but he also loves to travel for pleasure with his family and I’m responsible for planning these trips. We are talking about a man who, through personal character and by the nature of his profession, tends to be very demanding, especially when it comes of his very limited free time and his loved ones. My job is to provide for all his needs, respond quickly to all his desires and be able to anticipate his requests, taking care of all the details. Because, as you know, the little things make the difference.

Trip Journal

Date: JUNE 14th – 27th


Last year, following an extremely intense work period, I was in charge of a very important task: organizing a family trip for him. So I had to design a relaxing, and at the same time compelling, tour to respond to the requests from all the family members.
Nature and the sea for Mr. Hamilton, social life for the young daughters, shopping and a charming local scene for his wife, spas and relaxation for his mother. I needed the most thorough organization possible.

Prearranged travel, select restaurants and legs of the trips already planned, and obviously some flexibility to make some choices, because, of course, it was still a vacation. Last but not least, I, personally, could not be present, so 24 hour assistance was necessary, in case of unforeseen circumstances. On the advice of a friend, also being a family business, I decided to rely on Paul & Andrea to create an adventurous and relaxing trip, tailor-made for my very selective manager and his family members.

I explained the situation to the personal travel designers and they immediately found the perfect solution: a tour of the Amalfi Coast and Sicily on board an elegant private yacht, to discover hidden gems of Italy and its most enchanting islands. I made sure everything went smoothly. No hitches. No inconveniences.This allowed my boss and his family to enjoy two weeks of incredible experiences. Upon returning from the holiday Mr. Hamilton was walking on air. I have to admit that those 15 days were nice for me, too, not having to think about anything, knowing I had left my boss and his loved ones in good hands.


  • JUNE 14th – 18th



I personally approved every detail of this trip. From the flight to Catania by private jet, a beautiful G550 that won the prestigious Robert J. Collier trophy, to the Mercedes S class and the fabulous yacht that would host Mr. Hamilton with his family: a 72-meter Axioma with swimming pool, 3D cinema, three-storey inflatable slide, jet skis and Seabob. A little gem of navigation, with a 20 person staff available 24/7, including an experienced private chef, ready to satisfy any hunger and culinary desires. Each stop was designed to offer an opportunity to experience the best of the Sicily.

Mr. Hamilton told me with enthusiastically about every precise detail of the trip. Like when he and his family visited the charming, little village of Ragusa, perched between two hills, offering a more than valid excuse to stop and have dinner at one of the best restaurants in Italy: Ciccio Sultano. Later, a walk to the Ancient Theater of Taormina, then a stop at the historic village of Ortigia to glimpse the most secret, unexplored caves of the island.


  • JUNE 19th – 20th



The Sicilian locations that most impressed my boss and his family, were undoubtedly those in the Aeolian islands, both wild and elegant, majestic and discreet. Stromboli, with its active volcano spitting red-hot rocks out of the crater and with its unique black sand beaches, too; Panarea, an exclusive island where you can enjoy a social evening watching the sea; Lipari, the most famous and popular among Italian VIPs.

They enjoyed walks through the little village alleyways, the visit to the Therasia Resort Spa, the carefree dives into the crystal clear Mediterranean water, away from prying eyes, and the fabulous dinners of traditional delicacies, like Sicilian swordfish, prepared by the on-board chef. All this without having to deal with stress and touristy chaos.


  • JUNE 21st – 23rd



From the largest island in Italy, still wild enough to offer views as genuine as they are elegant, to the timeless appeal of the Amalfi Coast, one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. In recent years, it has certainly become more crowded, so getting to Nerano and Amalfi directly from the sea was undoubtedly proved to be a winning choice. Around there you can find some of the most beautiful, exclusive beaches in Italy, inaccessible by land and, therefore, not crowded. Perfect for my boss.

There’s also the picturesque village of Amalfi, with its majestic cathedral, which is a unique architectural display for such a small town. Mr. Hamilton never stops thanking me for having had the opportunity to visit the small town during the local festival celebrating the city’s patron saint: Sant’Andrea. This was a unique opportunity to genuinely experience the town’s traditions up close.


  • JUNE 24th – 27th



From Amalfi, it was easy to quickly reach the lovely island of Capri, with its memorable little square, its luxury boutiques, the legendary blue grotto, and the imposing sea stacks.

Then there was a visit to Ponza, the island of Circe, who in Homer’s Odyssey, cast a spell on Ulysses, seducing him on those very coasts. Finally they went to Procida, the smallest of the Campane islands and Ischia, famous all over the world for its thermal springs, a perfect place to relax and end their intense journey before heading to Naples to return home aboard their private jet.

I can only say to Paul & Andrea: thanks to you, I made a good impression on my boss and I was able to earn a much desired promotion. See you on the next trip.

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