With the fresh scent of snow in the air, you savor the succulent dishes of mountain cuisine. Ten dreamy days of culture, tradition, nature and adventure. Ten days of pure fun that will last forever in our minds. Ten pages would not suffice to describe the joy that Paul & Andrea brought to our lives, organizing every little detail for us.

Trip Journal

Date: DECEMBER 1st – 10th

Location: MILAN - Vanoise National Park

A walk through the streets of Milanese fashion, you meet an Italian tailor, a guardian of the oldest secrets of the high-quality, local craftsmanship, followed by a one-on-one guided tour to see one of the greatest artistic works in the world, Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper.
Next, a private fashion show, a gourmet dinner with panoramic views, a helicopter trip flying over the Vanoise National Park, a snowmobile ride, a descent on the ski slopes by torchlight and a trip in a hot air balloon.


  • DECEMBER 1st – 2nd


MILAN - part 1

It takes just a few minutes in this city to see why, not surprisingly, it is defined as the world capital of fashion, and it takes even less time to fall in love with it. Paul & Andrea, knowing our passion for style and design, chose a fantastic accommodation for us near the fashion district: Palazzo Parigi. A 5-star hotel located in a very convenient location, which allowed us to visit the most lively and interesting areas of the city. Our room was a real work of art, a bright and welcoming suite with a private terrace. Here, we spent three intense and wonderful days.

Milan is surprising, a place where modernity and culture coexist. Where you can come across extraordinary things. Where you can visit some of the oldest, most beautiful, Italian churches. Where you can savor the finest dishes of the local culinary tradition, delighting your palate with refined flavors, made by some of the best chefs in the world. That’s what we did.

We visited the Duomo, with its imposing spires; we marveled at the La Scala Theatre, which has hosted some of the most important theatrical works in the world; we saw the Sforza Castle and its amazing museums; and to conclude our cultural visit, we were fortunate enough to see the magnificent Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. We were able to appreciate these attractions much more than if we had just visited them alone, thanks to our private guide, who was always there to give interesting and precise explanations.


  • DECEMBER 3rd


MILAN - part 2

Since we are total fashion addicts, our travel managers Paul & Andrea, came up with the idea to organize a proper Fashion tour. We spent a day immersed in fashion, discovering the most intimate secrets of the world that fascinates us so much, followed by an intense and satisfying shopping session. Those who, like me, love to shop, know that wandering randomly around shops you don’t know can be tiring, sometimes disheartening. Fortunately, even in this regard, Paul & Andrea were able to anticipate and meet our needs.

First, we visited a real Italian Atelier, where we met a sweet, lovable tailor who has worked in the most famous Fashion Houses, and shared with us some of the secrets of his work (and also a few about the stars he dressed during his career). Then, we attended a private fashion show which was organized just for us, which we enjoyed while relishing a typical Italian aperitif. This allowed us to choose the best purchases to take home, with peace of mind and without haste, bringing our visit to a lovely end.


  • DECEMBER 4th – 6th


Vanoise National Park - part 1

Ok, Milan is fantastic. We loved exploring the fashion district, discovering the charm of Italian culture and cuisine, and especially spending some time shopping. However, as big nature lovers, we also wanted to spend a few days out of the city in the fresh air. We share an adventurous spirit, and personally, I am a big fan of winter sports, which I mentioned to Paul & Andrea before leaving. Right away, they indulged us and organized a series of exhilarating experiences, beyond the Italian Alps. Frankly I had never felt the thrill of traveling by helicopter, and when this opportunity was revealed, I immediately welcomed it with enthusiasm.

And I don’t regret it. Admiring the mountains from above has an entirely different charm. A helicopter can also be a very practical means of transportation. Aboard a luxurious A109SP, leaving from the center of Milan, we reached our destination, the Vanoise National Park, in France, in just one hour. At the heliport, there was an SUV with a private driver waiting for us, who took us to Chalet Pearl, a marvelous place in the heart of the Nogentil area. An enchanting place with a panoramic view over the Dent du Villard, just 50 meters from the Bellecote ski slopes. As a fan of snowboarding, I felt like a kid in a candy store!


  • DECEMBER 7th – 10th


Vanoise National Park - part 2

We had a incredible week at the Chalet Pearl, snowboarding on the highest peaks, walking through unexplored paths and above all relaxing at the end of the day in the fantastic hotel spa. Seven days of relaxation, excitement and adventure. Like seeing the sunset on board a colorful hot air balloon, or taking part in a night walk by torchlight on the ski slopes. Here, too, we savored the goodness and authenticity, typical of mountain cuisine, comprised of tasty, genuine dishes.

The worst part of the holiday? Having to leave, no doubt. Although, looking back, on that last helicopter ride, I experienced a private moment of joy. Remembering the beauty of an intense and fascinating journey, heading home, ready to organize the next adventure.

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