Private Lifestyle Club

Let expert hands spoil you. Traveling with Luxo Italia means becoming part of an elite club, through which you will enjoy exclusive benefits, specifically tailored to you and your needs.

A journey for the 5 senses

Close your eyes.
Imagine flying in a helicopter over the highest peaks of the Dolomites, from Lavaredo to Latemar, passing by the Marmolada. Now, listen to the thundering rumble of a Maserati, driving through the winding hills of Tuscany. Take in the intoxicating scent of the sea while you sit aboard your private yacht off the Amalfi Coast. Taste the enchanting flavor of a Barolo reserve, while immersed in a heated pool, facing the Langhe in Piedmont.
Feel some of the softest, most refined Venetian fabrics.

Now open your eyes. Welcome to Italy, the country of five senses.

Traveling is a passion

Traveling is first and foremost a passion that is the result of personal experience, that only travel enthusiasts can truly understand. The Luxo Italia professionals recognize this and want to share their knowledge about the territory and their love for things done well.

Let qualified professionals pamper you. Let us lead you through a completely personalized itinerary. Curated by specialists from the sector who boast a deep knowledge of the territory. Let Luxo Italia take you by the hand, the Luxury Private Lifestyle Club specialized in luxury travel in Italy, and let yourself be taken on the most beautiful and captivating trip of your life.