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Luxury private tours of Italy and custom experiences

A special and unique time to create wonderful memories with the people you love the most. So don't limit your expectations and dreams! An exclusive visit to the secret rooms of the Vatican. A private vineyard experience in Tuscany led by the owners. We will design your perfect italian luxury travel together.

We are here to listen to your travel interests and special needs, then we will plan a detailed itinerary togheter and take care of all the pre-trip arrangements. You'll save time on planning complex itineraries, all kinds of bookings, and being frustrated.

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Need Some Inspiration?

At Luxo Italia, we pride ourselves in offering our clients luxury private tours of Italy that are exclusive, authentic and that treat each guest as an individual. Our founders, Andrea and Paul, are dedicated to delivering a top quality, guest-centred experience that showcases the beauty of Italy in a way that suits your unique travel style. With a network of the best in Italian hospitality, Andrea and Paul’s vast industry knowledge makes them experts in understanding what it is that each guest needs and how they can best be of service. From new ways to discover much-loved monuments to exploring a side of world famous cities that not everyone is lucky enough to see, we offer guests a real taste of Italy at your own pace.


Your Personal Luxury Travel Designers

We do not just create luxury vacations in Italy, but rather extraordinary and unique life experiences. Each of our luxury tours is different simply because our travelers arranged it with us. For this reason, our objective is to provide you with a friendly, unique and warm personal approach to discussing, creating, and planning every detail of your travel.

During your entire luxury tour, you will travel with local experts, who have a deep love for their country and are proud to share the hidden luxury gems of Italy with you. Are you ready to experience the most beautiful and captivating trip of your life?


What kind of luxury traveler are you?

Help us create the most beautiful script for your holiday. Answer some questions and we will propose different luxury itineraries in Italy based on your needs, expectations and idea of a luxury vacation. Then, if you want, we can discuss designing a custom journey for you to experience every facet of Italy, through cultural activities, luxury food and wine tours, relaxation or adventure.

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