Why choose Luxo Italia as your luxury travel designers for Italy in 2020


Booking a luxury travel package in Italy from the USA can be a daunting decision, especially if you have to rely on a US based travel planner and hope the trip lives up to your expectations.


Each year, more and more discerning travelers are contacting us, opting to “go direct” with a luxury Italian travel designer based in-country instead – and with good reason.

Based in Milan and with decades’ worth of experience in curating journeys around Italy’s very finest hotels, restaurants and cultural experiences, co-founders Paul and Andrea offer guests access to unparalleled experience when it comes to bespoke Italian travel planning.

Here are just a few of the reasons more American travelers are trusting Luxo Italia to craft their Italian journeys:

  1. A passion for Italian travel:
    Born in Trento and Genova and based in Milan, luxury Italian travel is in our DNA. We want to share the finest travel experiences gathered over a lifetime with you.
  2. Luxury connections:
    If it’s hot and happening in Italy this season, we’re the first people to know about it, thanks to our extensive network of connections within the Italian luxury industries.
  3. Travel trend experts:
    Whether you’re travelling for a honeymoon, anniversary, self-care or for inter-generational quality time, Luxo Italia can craft a luxury journey that seamlessly meets your needs and expectations – and those of your loved ones.
  4. Personal touch:
    For us, Italian travel is a deeply personal experience. Many of our clients have become friends, and we value the opportunity to share our world with them.
  5. Attention to detail:
    Even the smallest aspect of your journey is carefully considered – from your arrival and transfers to the hotels selected and where you dine, we sweat the small things so you don’t have to.
  6. Bespoke packages:
    Crafting truly memorable trips takes passion and time. With Luxo Italia, no two itineraries are the same; each journey is as unique as you are – this is what makes our bespoke tours unbeatable.
  7. 24/7 Availability:
    Good design is invisible, and our services are fully discrete. While you’ll enjoy maximum privacy throughout your journey, we’re never far away should you need us.
  8. Don’t trust us, trust our clients:
    The majority of our clients find us by word of mouth. View our reviews on Facebook and TrustPilot to get a sense of the experience that awaits you.

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